Scents of the Season – 4 Holiday Scents and How to use them

Pine, spruce, peppermint, citrus, cinnamon and spice, all these scents of the season echo memories of holiday parties, walks in the woods and hot cocoa and cookies by a fire.

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Scents of the Season – 4 Holiday Scents and How to use them

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Pine, spruce, peppermint, citrus, cinnamon and spice, all these scents of the season echo memories of holiday parties, walks in the woods and hot cocoa and cookies by a fire.

This season is a wonderland of tantalizing smells! Let’s discuss the benefits of 4 favorites!

Christmas Tree Scents

Blue and black spruce, pine, cypress, juniper, cedar wood… all of these coniferous scents are stimulating, refreshing and empowering. They spark memories of woodland walks, chopping your own real Christmas tree, and pine boughs hung with care.

  • Diffuse: add 3-12 drops of your favorite tree scent essential oils to your cool mist diffuser and enjoy the invigorating scents. Add a couple drops of peppermint to create a cool, misty woods walk atmosphere, or add clove and cinnamon to create a cozy, Christmas vibe.
  • Dilute in your favorite carrier oil or lotion and apply topically. Remember, coniferous oils can be warming and stimulating, so start low, go slow. You can always add more if it’s not scented strong enough. The warming stimulation of these types of oils can be lovely in muscle rubs after excise, and are particularly favored by men for the masculine smell of woods and trees. Add it to beard oils, after shave lotions, and roll on colognes!
  • Don’t have essential oil? Add a real pine bough from the trees in your yard to a pot of water on the stove and boil for 15-30 mins to release the natural essential oil in your home!

Warm Spice Scents

Cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, ginger…. all things pumpkin spice and gingerbread house-like! Mmmm… these are warming, and tantalizing scents and will have you dreaming of pie and cookies in a flash.

  • Diffuse: add 5-12 drops of your fav warming essential oils for a bakery fresh scented home!
  • Add these oils to your cleaning sprays and foaming hand soaps. Enjoy the additional cleansing action and the warming pie smell.
  • Add them in your lotions, sparingly. They are delightful in foot creams and body butters, but avoid sensitive skin and dilute, dilute, dilute! They are VERY warming, and too much will be uncomfortable on your skin.
  • Add whole cloves, cinnamon sticks, ginger root and nutmeg in a pot of boiling water on the stove for 15-30 mins. Create your own instant essential oil that will permeate your home!

Bright Citrus Scents

You may not think of citrus as a holiday scent, but paired with the spice scents, especially orange, citrus smells bring to life the warm, spicy scents of herbs like cinnamon and clove. Blend any citrus, such as orange, tangerine, lemon, lime, etc., with your warm, spice scents for a true warming, calming, welcoming atmosphere, reminiscent of Christmas dinner at Grandma’s house.

  • Diffuse: When you are diffusing your spicy scents… always add orange oil!! It will brighten and lift the complex scents of clove and cinnamon while bringing cheer, sweetness and fond memories of Christmas!
  • Dehydrate citrus slices for gorgeous holiday decor. String them with popcorn and cranberries for a subtly scented garland.
  • Add citrus oils to your cleaning supplies to add additional de-greasing power, naturally.
  • Don’t boil citrus, but as you can, use your cool mist diffuser. Citrus scents are fragile and heating them will just destroy the scent, instead of lifting them and allowing you to enjoy the benefits. (this is why citrus should only be ‘cold pressed’, not steam distilled. Know where your oils come from, always! I love my Young Living Essential oils)

Minty Fresh Scents

Think candy canes and chocolate mints, without the calories! Peppermint, spearmint and wintergreen and bright, fresh, and awakening. Add a little dash of that winter wind into your scents. Mints blend well with the tree scents and citrus.

  • You know the drill: Diffuse! Your mint essential oils are invigorating and awakening. They help focus and concentration, and can help you remember things. Add 2-8 drops of your minty oils to the diffuser. They pair nicely with all the different types of oils listed above.
  • Adding menthol oils can be great in your muscle rubs! Add a few drops of wintergreen along with your stimulating tree scents like cypress, black spruce, and others. Use on your muscles after a workout. (again, start low, go slow, if it’s not stimulating enough for you, feel free to add more! But it’s hard to take it away if you have added to much at the start).
  • Mints are also fun to add to foot scrubs, body sugar scrubs, and hand soaps. Just avoid sensitive areas as they will be ‘cooling’ and could be considered ‘hot/spicy’ (think when you tell a little kid they won’t like an altoid cause it is ‘hot/spicy’)

What is your favorite holiday scent?

Let me know your favorites in the comments! Did I miss any that shouldn’t have been left out? How do you use these scents of the season?

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