5 common items that aid and relieve over 12 common complaints

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5 common items that aid and relieve over 12 common complaints

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Easy Home Remedies 

5 common items that aid and relieve over 12 common complaints.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Relieve Diarrhea and Urinary Tract Infections

  • Mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into eight ounces of water to soothe your stomach. The taste will not be the greatest, but the antibacterial properties of the vinegar will end the unpleasantness of the bowel problems. Can also mix with 1/8 – 1/4 teaspoon of Cinnamon
  • Apple Cider Vinegar is also good for urinary tract infections because it is antibacterial and alkaline. Use apple cider vinegar as above but put it in Cranberry Juice for better results for urinary tract infections.

Distilled White Vinegar: Bug repellent, Weed Killer, Sun burn relief

  • Put white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray your kids to deter pests when they go play outside. And you can also spray it in and around your house to repel bugs. Spray on your children’s sunburned skin to relieve the heat. And it can be used anywhere that you want to kill weeds; soak the weeds with white vinegar and the next day pull up the brown, dry, dead plants. [But don’t spray your Plantain!]
  • NOTE: the difference in Apple Cider Vinegar and Distilled White Vinegar. Neither are harmful if taken internally, but the white is more processed, and therefore not in as natural a form as the apple cider. Also, Apple cider vinegar has more healing properties then white vinegar. I prefer to use the most natural inside my body but it is also, generally, more expensive, and know I can save some money by using the white vinegar which is less natural on the outside my body. [Remember; White-Out, Apple-In]

Two glasses of water: Cure Headache

  • Most headaches [in children or adults] are caused by dehydration (lack of water) and screen time (tv, games, computer, phone). Water is the cure to most common headaches. When your kids complain that they’re head hurts have them down two cups of water very quickly and go outside and play with them.
    Water also improves cognitive function as it allows for faster transmission of the electro impulses of the brain. Make sure your kids are drinking enough water throughout their school day and in the evenings as they study to help their neural pathways continue communicating properly.
  • Kids Total Daily Water Requirements
Age Range Gender Total Water (Ounces/Day)
4-8 years Girls and boys 44 (or 5 ½, 8oz cups)
9-13 years Girls 71 (or 8, 8oz cups)
Boys 81 (or 10, 8oz cups)
14-18 years Girls 77 (or 9 ½, 8oz cups)
Boys 111 (or 13, 8oz cups)

Oatmeal: Relieve pain and itching from Poison Ivy and Chicken Pocks

  • Use 1-3 cups of oatmeal in a warm bath and sponge over body, pouring over affected areas. Oats are a natural nervine [meaning relaxing to the nerves], and an emollient [meaning soothing, nutritive and moisturizing to the skin], which will sooth and relieve the itching and quiet the child to help him/her rest. [Give them this bath before bed/nap time!]

Plantain: Bee Stings and Bug Bites

  • This is a common weed found in most yards and in the cracks of sidewalks. There is broad leaf and narrow leaf, but they are used interchangeably. Its natural drawing properties make it great as a first aid for bee stings as it will immediately begin drawing out the poison from the sting, lessening the pain dramatically within those first few minutes. This is also a great remedy for stubborn wounds and infected bug bites, including tick and spider bites. Any spot that is red, swollen and itchy could benefit from plantain.
  • Two ways to apply; #1 – simply locate the plantain plant, pull off a leaf, put it in your mouth and begin chewing, making sure to keep it moist and make a soupy paste [or Poultice]. Spit this out directly on the sting, making sure it is well covered. You can put a bandage over this, or just remain still as it dries on the site. Leave on for about 5-10 min. or as long as possible [smaller children may not be able to stay still very long, so using a band-aid for them is best]. #2 – or you can take a couple leaves and place them in a blender or food processer with a couple tablespoons of water, blend/process, and then apply the poultice as above. The first option is better in that you can apply it much faster, and time is of the essence. If some time has passed since the sting occurred, it is still beneficial to apply the plantain as it will still aid in removing the poison, thus speeding the healing process.
  • When plantain is unavailable (which is rare, but still possible) baking soda has some of the drawing qualities, but not the healing properties. Mix with a little water to form a paste and apply to affected area.
Broad leaf Plantain
Broad leaf Plantain
Narrow leaf Plantain
Narrow leaf Plantain
Broad leaf and Narrow leaf Plantain
Broad leaf and Narrow leaf Plantain growing together
  • Identifying anaphylactic shock: when someone experiences a sting or bite, monitor the child/person for at least 30 minutes and watch for signs that the response is not greater then a ‘normal’ reaction. The person may complain of extreme pain at the sting sight [unbearable, and lasting longer than ‘normal’], begin to break out in hives [they could be itchy all over their body weather or not you see actual bumps/rash break out], they may be short of breath, and irrational, they will swell quickly especially at the head/neck/face in addition to the sting site. If any one of these symptoms is present after a sting, contact an emergency health care professional immediately.

Honey: Remove Blemish Overnight, Relieve a Cough

  • Honey: Remove Blemish Overnight. Have a blemish you need to get rid of by tomorrow? Put a dab of honey on the blemish and cover it up (it’s best to use a Band-Aid) and the honey’s natural antibacterial properties will clean out the bacteria by the morning. This will also help to cleanse and heal small scrapes, abrasions, cuts and bites.
  • Try making a facial scrub with your kids using Honey, Olive Oil and Brown Sugar to use once or twice a week to keep skin moisturized and free from bacteria and dead skin that from pimples. Start with 1-2 tablespoons of brown sugar and add equal amounts of honey and olive oil until mixture forms a smooth paste of desired consistency.
  • Taking a tablespoon of honey can relieve a cough. You can also make a simple and very effective cough syrup using honey and one or all of the following items: onion, garlic, and/or ginger root. Simply slice up the fresh herbs [a whole onion, a full garlic bulb and large fresh chunk of ginger, all about equal sizes]. Fill a quart jar with the produce and then cover with honey. Allow to sit in a warm place and use once the veggies have gotten soft, which only takes a couple days. You can pour off by the tablespoon as needed. Leave the mixture together to continue ‘brewing’ for at least 2 weeks. You can strain off if desired, or leave together and strain out a spoonful as needed. This combination will not only sooth a stubborn cough but it will boost the immune system and help fight of bacteria, viruses, and other cold and flu causing microbes.


The information contained in this post is for educational purposes only; it is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure disease. It is simply for use in the maintenance and promotion of good health in cooperation with a licensed medical practitioner. Kerry Brock and Shawnee Moon are not licensed to treat or diagnose disease. Consult with your physician for diagnosis or treatment. By using this information you agree that the decisions regarding your health are your own responsibility and understand that Kerry Brock and Shawnee Moon are not liable for your health decisions.

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