A year gone, a clean slate ahead

kerry brock

A year gone, a clean slate ahead

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I love the turn of a new year. The six days in between Christmas and New years are some of my favorite. I keep a bullet journal every year now since 2017 (the first time I heard of a ‘bullet journal’ when a friend posted about it).

For Christmas now I get a new one for the next year and those six days are spent reviewing all the things that happened that I kept track of through the year, and mapping out my spreads and trackers and goals for the new year.

So many happy memories and mishaps, progresses and setbacks. I see all the things I tried and failed at, or attempted and actually achieved. The ups and downs… that pulse of life. We do our best and trust God with the rest.

From an herbalist/business owner standpoint, this year has been pretty exciting. I started local herbal classes that have been very well received. Thank you to you all who have been coming, enjoying, learning and supporting that. Look out for more to come.

We got Shawnee Moon products in a local shop, Rustic Junction here in historic Caledonia, MO. If you come through be sure to stop in and meet shop owner Sue Lewis and check out her awesome, one-of-a-kind decor style.

Online herb classes via Zoom calls are on the horizon for this new year, stay tuned for that VERY soon. I’m so excited to reach more people and share what I know about the plants God created and gave us for our good.

We have gotten quite a few new clients this year. I am very grateful for you coming along and supporting Shawnee Moon and trusting our tinctures and ointments for your family’s wellness.

As always, Davy and I are endlessly grateful for our long-time, consistent supporters. Your orders really do keep our lights on and food on our table and help us continue this little herb business.

If you are looking for other ways to support Shawnee Moon this coming year, in addition to placing orders here at shawneemoon.com, you can also:

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We are so very thankful for each and every one of you customers; our friends and family, near and far. We are praying that the Lord continues to bless you with health and wellness in this coming year.

Thank you for reading to the end! Happy New year, friend!

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