Burnaway – A Simple First-aid ointment

kerry brock

Burnaway – A Simple First-aid ointment

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I recently got a new review about my Burnaway ointment and wanted to share it here! I’m so encouraged when I hear about your specific stories and small victories concerning the herbal products I make. Check out this new 5 star review below:

Should be called miracle balm! I received an almost empty container from a family member a while back after getting a bad burn and the tiny amount left has served several burns. I am as pale as they come and burn easily and the burn heals within a day or two vs a week or two without! I just ordered a jar for myself!

Jessica Brock – May 31, 2020

Thank you!

Thanks Jessica Brock for that review! I’m so glad you have found Burnaway so effective. (yes, she’s related to me! But I didn’t convince her to say that, promise!) I have the best family and friends and customers! They are all so generous and I’m always excited to log onto the site and see another review awaiting my approval!

I’m also intrigued by how you all use the products because, for some reason, I’ve never thought to use this ointment on a sunburn. Haha.. Should be a no-brainer, but that is a great idea!! I tend to use it as needed when I touch the wrong end of my flat iron or get too close to the camp fire! I’ll have to remember this, Jessica!

Fortner original Formula

The formula I use for the burnaway ointment is the original formula that Victoria Fortner created for Shawnee Moon years ago. I remember that Victoria always recommended it for occasional discomfort for individuals recovering from topical radiation. It is simply a calming collection of herbs that tend toward a ‘cooling’ energy so make it ideal for situations of warmth and occasional discomfort.

Make your own ointments

In part 3 of the Herbology 101 class series, I go into depth on exactly how I make ointments like burnaway. You will receive a pdf download of printable notes including a recipe and step-by-step instruction to successfully create your own herbal ointments.

The class content is designed to last 2 hours, so you will receive 2 hours on Zoom with me in my lab, walking you through the steps and what the entire process looks like. This builds upon the Intro class and the Tea class, where we would have already really dug into the idea of blending your own formulas and what that looks like for each type of preparation.

Let me know if you have any questions, I’m happy to help you in anyway that I am able.

Blessings in Christ – Kerry

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