“Calm down. It’s just allergies”

kerry brock

“Calm down. It’s just allergies”

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Raise your hand (leave a like, comment, something) if you’re worried about your yearly allergies, that you get this time of year, EVERY. YEAR. Getting you in trouble with the “rona police”? It keeps coming up. Whether you’re the butt of a joke after a sneeze, or getting the sideways glaces in the grocery stores while sniffling behind your mask.

Tis’ the season for sneezing

This season is when so many plants are blooming and setting seed to prepare for the impending cooler weather! Plants like ragweed are one plant that is often most responsible for the common slew of pressure and drainage associated with the season. (Not to be confused with the plant, Goldenrod! They are totally different!).

Inflammation is Natural

Short-term inflammation is actually a good, natural process that tells us that our bodies are doing their job. Fighting off foreign bodies or injury or disease. The inflammatory response to a contaminate like pollen is the body protecting you! It is the immune system flooding the area (usually sinuses, respiratory system, etc), with good cells (macrophages, white blood cells, etc), so that they can gobble up the invaders and get you back to feeling well.

The side-effects are uncomfortable

The unintended consequences of this process, is typically uncomfortable. Pressure (cause of swelling, that ‘flood’ of good cells needs room to do their job), runny nose or congested nose (it’s yucky, but that’s your spent immune cells, pollen, etc in the snot. They did their job, now they’ve got to go), irritated throat (usually because of drainage, again, yuck getting out of your system), sometimes even cough or phlegm in respiratory (depending on your sensitivities and how allergies present for you, that drainage can settle in the lungs and produce a cough to try expelling the yuck).

More later

In my next post I am going to outline different herbs and essential oils that can be used to support the normal, healthy, good process of inflammation! Speed it along it’s merry way and hopefully relieve those unpleasant side-effects sooner, so you can continue enjoying the beautiful fall days to the fullest!

Thanks for reading, Kerry

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