Crochet Octopus Pattern

kerry brock

Crochet Octopus Pattern

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Crochet Octopus Pattern

Hook size: F, G, or H Yarn size/type: Fine-Med, acrylic (or other hypoallergenic fiber)

Two options to begin:
Magic ring: 10 sc into ring, pull tail tight. Sc into first sc of ring to connect and start working in round.
Basic: ch 5. Ss into 1st ch to make a ring. 10 sc in ring. Sc into 1st to start working in round.

Shaping head:
[tip: add a st marker to your first st in a row to keep track of rows]
Row 1: Sc 1, increase sc 1, (2 sc in same st), repeat to end. Increased to 15 total st.
Row 2: sc 2, incr. Sc 1, repeat to end. 20 total st.
Row 3: sc 3, incr sc 1, repeat to end. 24 st
Row 4: sc 4, incr sc 1, repeat to last 5 st, 1 sc in each 5. 28 st.

Sc in ea st as many rows as desired. Decide how tall or short you want the head/body will be here, always maintaining 28 total st around.

(Start at any point in the round).
1st tentacle: chain 28-45 st. No set rule on the amount, but this will determine how long or short your tentacles are. Make yours unique. You can even make them longer or shorter than mentioned; those are just how short and how long I’ve ever made them. (Note, the next row will curl your chain, so it will be shorter than this chain once complete). Once you decide how long you want it…
Turn, and in 2nd chain from hook, sc 2 in each chain back to the 1st chain from body (that is, til all ch st have been been worked) (note; make sure your st are even tension, otherwise your tentacles might not curl evenly).
Insert hook into next sc st in body, pull one loop through (leaving 2 loops on hook); insert hook into the next sc st, pull another loop through (3 loops on hook); pull yarn through all 3 loops. 1st tentacle complete.
Sc in next st, then repeat 1st tentacle instructions til you’ve completed 8 tentacles.

Take hook out and leave yarn attached.

Give your octopus personality. Use your hook to pull contrasting yarn through the body of the octopus to sort of embroider a face on it. You can also use a tapestry needle. I usually keep it simple with two half circle lines to make sleepy eyes.

Once you finish personalizing it, add a little polyfill into its body to give it nice, squishy shape.

Now you’ll close the bottom.
Put your hook back where you left off. You will start picking up sts behind (or under) the tentacles, work decrease sts every st in the round til no more sts remain. Tie off and cut yarn. And your done!

Enjoy your new little creation!

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