Fresh Batch of Bugoff on it’s way

kerry brock

Fresh Batch of Bugoff on it’s way

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I’ll be making up a fresh batch of this spray next week because it’s just that time of year.

Bugoff is one of my absolute best sellers. Every year I get lots of orders for it. This year has been no different! It is made with loads of essential oils and is safe for kids and pets (avoid eyes!). I have a special formula that is sold separately called PS Bugoff for those who might be expecting. Peppermint, Catnip, Penny Royal, Eucalyptus and other herby and oily goodness make up this effective blend.

But don’t take my word for how well it works, check out this review on the product page from Stephanie:

“I’ve tried just about every spray, lotion, aromatic device on the market. While some work better than others none have worked as good as Shawneemoon’s Bugoff!
“And even better, it does not leave that sticky residue or smell of toxic fumes!
“Bugoff smells great, is safe to use, and most importantly… IT WORKS! I highly recommend everyone who thinks they will venture outside this summer to purchase a bottle (or more!) of this amazing product!” (read the full review on the website)


I’m so thankful for all my customers (Family and Friends) who have been leaving reviews on the website lately. It REALLY helps my website performance and also helps potential customers make better decisions when shopping.

You can leave a review for your favorite products on the website simply by finding the product you love and clicking the ‘reviews’ tab. It will prompt you to login to the site and then you can leave your 5⭐️ review! Thank you in advance!

PS – If you order a 4oz anytime soon, you’ll prob get the bugoff in a Purple Rona Bottle! Hahaha

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