Garden Vlog

kerry brock

Garden Vlog

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I’m doing a new thing!

Just for fun, I’ve started a garden vlog (video+log=vlog) on YouTube. You can check out my YouTube Channel here. I do not have a posting schedule as of yet. It will merely be some short clips of me capturing gardening progress and processes as I decide I have something worth documenting.

The goal is just to have a visual documentation of my particular gardening style and process. I have been watching a lot of other folks sharing their gardening and other life things on YouTube this winter and perhaps it has inspired me. I’m not looking for a vast following or any one to read it at all. Just doing this cause I think it will be fun.

Feel free to subscribe to my channel to know when I post as it’s not going to be a regular, scheduled thing. Or don’t. It’s no big deal either way. Just thought I’d like those few of you here that still read my blog, that a vlog is now a thing.

I’m also more active over on my instagram feed. So if you want to check out some other day-to-day things that I share there, look me up on the instagram app under @shawneemoon93

Let me know what you think! Or don’t. Either way, hope you have a great day; happy gardening!


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