Happy Thanksgiving

kerry brock

Happy Thanksgiving

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Maybe it’s clique, but feeling extra thankful this week.

Looking forward to time spent with family and sharing amazing food this week.

So very thankful for the upcoming anniversary marking 7 years married to my favorite person.

Thankful for this little herb business that has been a source of connection, community, learning-cruves, and income for us.

Thankful that we took the leap to start creating minecraft games and just see where that would lead. It is such an amazing thing to know hundreds of people are out there enjoying an experience we created from scratch!

So blessed to get to share some music this year. I’m praying for more time in the new year to record more and have my songs out there to hopefully encourage someone in this journey of life. It is hard and beautiful and we are all in it together.

Thankful that my husband sees the things I’m passionate about and is always there to support and encourage me. He bends over backwards to let me pursue my interests and take the load off so I can freely be creative without pressure.

Honestly, I’m grateful for growing older. I know I haven’t arrived, but every year there is a new sense of maturity and it is kind if a relief. I find myself caring less what people think of me and more what the bible says about me.

Thankful for you, friends and family, who enrich the journey of this life.

Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy time with your loved ones!

ps – in case you missed the stock sale, it’s still going strong. check out what’s left on the list here.

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