Herb Report Classes

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Herb Report Classes

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Becoming an herbalist

When I was an herb student earning my certification to become a certified herbalist, I was (as were the other students) required by my herbal professor, Victoria Fortner, to report every week on up to 3 different herbs. These reports had to include the plant’s Latin name, the plants constituents and medical properties, list of the ways it was applied, to what issues and in what type of preparations. They also included interesting (or not) historical notes. 

My sources for these reports were found in stacks and stacks of herb reference books. Many of them I listed in a previous post showcasing my favorite herb books. I would have all of my books, every week, piled up around me as I scratched out my notes for each and every herb. We were allowed to search the internet for studies and information; but always warned to be smart about the online research.

After we reported on 10 herbs, Victoria would compile the information we had presented into a quiz. She utilized the quizzes to assess how much of the information we were retaining; she was not content that we just had the information written down. It was a way of making sure we were really absorbing the knowledge, in an effort to make sure we would be great herbalists. 

Herb Report Classes

Over the 2 year herb course, I reported, and was quizzed on, over 150 different herbs. My notes are all complied into on big binder and it is my absolutely most used herb book. The idea behind this new series of online herb classes, is that I will present individual herb reports, based on my notes as a student, combined with my now 8 years of experience since graduating. 

The setting will be relaxed, and don’t worry, you won’t be quizzed! But each class will be all about one single herb at a time. I am considering them to be a ‘series’, only in the sense that I plan to create many of these classes, and they will all be in the same format. But you won’t have to take them all to understand the next one. They will be very independent of each other and you can simply pick and choose which ones you want based on your time and interest. 

In addition to the information I was required to add to my herb reports in school, I am also including photos and tips on identifying each plant, and basics of cultivation and harvesting when applicable. 


  • Where: Online via Zoom conference calls
  • How long: approx. 30mins each
  • Cost: $5 per student
  • When: Check the Herb Classes page for current class schedule. (But remember, with classes like these, after you register for the class of your choosing, you can contact me about rescheduling to a time that works for both of us).
  • What else: When you complete registration and payment, you will receive an email with a PDF of notes for download and the necessary zoom link to join the meeting.

The First Herb Report Class is live now!

Head over to the classes page, or directly to the newest class page: Peppermint Herb Report. Sign up today! We will be going over the basics of identifying peppermint, why its so amazing and how to use it in all kinds of forms. From teas and tinctures, to essential oils to enemas! (yes, peppermint enemas are a thing). 

I am currently creating a list of herbs to do next. My goal is to have one new herb report class live each month. This is a slightly daunting task, honestly. I certainly do not claim to know everything about herbs. And I learn new things about the plants I use all the time from my students each time I have one of these classes; it is so cool that as I’m sharing, my students are sharing and teaching me too. I am so excited and encouraged by everyone’s enthusiasm already! Come join the fun! 

Do you have an herb you would like to see on my Herb Report class list? Let me know! I’m open to any ideas and suggestions. We’ll see where this takes us. Thanks for reading, Kerry

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