Herbs, God & Science

kerry brock

Herbs, God & Science

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The new moon was the 14th this month. That means tincture making was happening in the lab on the 15th. (During the new or full moons, you have 3 days to work within. The day before, day of and day after). Since I was busy attending church on Sunday and in the recording studio on Monday, Tuesday is when the tincture making happened.

‘woowoo’ or ‘science’?

Tinctures here are made up and strained off by the moon phases. Yeah, that might sound “woowoo”, but it’s not. Cause, God. And cause, science.

I believe in God, and that doesn’t contradict the observable nature of the world. The bible actually confirms over, and over again, what science (not some institution of supposed experts; but just the actual definition of science. being able to observe, quantify and replicate data in controlled studies) has discovered. The bible said the world was a sphere hanging on nothing (in Job, I believe), thousands of years before we could prove this with science. That’s just one of many examples that the bible can be trusted for factual, historical information.

You don’t have to be a Christian to understand the bible is useful. You don’t have to be new age to understand herbs are useful. You don’t have to disband either idea to understand science is cool and applies to both the bible and plant medicine.

Learn more about tincture making

In my Herbology 101 class series, I have a whole section devoted to tincture making. You will learn exactly how I make tinctures, and how other herbalists make tinctures, you’ll learn some of my favorite herbs to use in tinctures and why you would want certain herbs tinctured instead of in a tea or ointment or other.

Check back to my Herb Classes page regularly for updates in the class schedule. Or contact me directly to set up a class schedule that works best for you.

Thank you for being here and reading my ramblings. I am so thankful for you. The time you spend reading my content is such a gift.

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