Kerry Bond, Certified Herbalist and owner of Shawnee Moon Herbaceuticals, is honored to up hold and continue the legacy left by the late Victoria Fortner. Learn more about Victoria here.

All of the herbal medicines that have been offered through Shawnee Moon Herbaceuticals over the past 20 years have been formulated by Victoria, who had forty years of experience in identifying, gathering, preparing, combining, administering, and teaching of herbs and herbal medicines. These time tested formulas will continue to be made available to all current clients and any new customers for every day and specialized needs. Wildcrafted and organically cultivated herbs are carefully prepared by the phase of the moon and come in easy to use forms. No animal products are used. No animal testing is done.

As Shawnee Moon Herbaceuticals strives to remain current and up to date, there will be more payment options in the near future, with a complete online store to make ordering and purchasing your favorite formulas, and trying new ones, more convenient. All of the current payment and ordering options will still be available in addition to the new e-commerce option.

For thousands of years the human race has been practicing herbal medicine. Modern pharmacology, as we know it, is less than 200 years old. Allopathic medicine is less than 100 years old. More than seventy per cent of all pharmaceutical compounds originally made their way into medicine as plant extracts, then became synthesized and isolated chemicals, inducing side effects. These compounds, when supplied in their natural form, are better incorporated into the body.

"Most phytochemical compounds exist in natural ratios, which your genes have experienced in evolution. When you take an herb or combination of herbs, your body, through homeostasis, can sequester many phytochemicals it needs and reject, to a degree, overdoses of those it does not need. Evolution has taught you genes to direct this coordinated equilibrium...," James Duke, PhD. Herbs have the added benefits of a multi-property characteristics. In other words, one herb can benefit many symptoms. "...the whole herb being the more active proportionately, than even the strongest single isolated ingredient...," James Duke, PhD

Restoring health can now be a natural, inexpensive act with safe herbal therapies. By collecting curing information and herbal combinations from Elders for over thirty years, Shawnee Moon Herbaceuticals offers many items that are the culmination of the wisdom of our Ancestors. Bring your life and health back to balance by returning to the medicines of the ages.

Kerry met and studied under Victoria for the past 7 years. With 250 credited hours of formal herbal education, plus countless hours spent together in the lab, observing and learning each step in every process of producing each of Victoria's specific formulas, she plans to continue producing the products that Victoria's clients have come to rely on for promoting general health and wellness. Kerry not only gleaned a wealth of knowledge in the realm of herbal and alternative health care, but also invaluable business and life skills, as well as practical organizational skills in disciplining one's self to continue updating and learning and maintaining the kind of serviced based business that Victoria had come to provide. Learn more about Kerry here.



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