I’ve been saying it for a few years now.

kerry brock

I’ve been saying it for a few years now.

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For all those who have been asking (for years now), I’m actually starting this month! I’m a little nervous, pretty excited, unsure how it will all unfold, and expect technical difficulties to arise, but I’m no longer putting it off or making excuses!

“If we wait until we are ready, we will be waiting for the rest of our lives” -Lemony Snicket.

I wholeheartedly believe this quote is so very true. So, without further adieu… Online Herb Classes, here I come!

I’m offering various classes, some are free some will cost (they will be plainly marked if they do cost), and we will just learn along the way. We will be meeting via zoom calls and classes will be no more than 30 mins. If we end up having lots of info left-over, we will set another date to get through the rest of the class notes. Hope you can join me!

First Zoom Class: Plant Identification tips & tricks

Thursday, May 14th 2pm

In this class we will discuss plant anatomy, plant adaptability and talk about how to identify first aid and poisonous plants.

This is a free, 30min class, just send me your email to register! Make sure you have the zoom app downloaded to your preferred device.

View all the current class dates here on the website, twill be updated frequently.

I’d love to hear your feed back on this format, types of classes offered, ideas on other topics you are interested in and perhaps different/better times for the zoom meetings. Thanks for hanging out with me!

Also… what have you been putting off that you’re pushing yourself to do?

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