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kerry brock

Learn Something New Everyday

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“If I haven’t learned something new in a day, I just haven’t been paying attention.” -Ms. Joann at Liberty MIssion Farms.

This quote is so true! Last week I had the blessing of picking elderberries from Liberty Mission Farms in Farmington, MO, where I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Joann, whom I quoted above. This weeks class is free and is a brand new topic; Tips for Wildcrafting/Foraging.

Learn Wildcrafting

I certainly don’t know everything to know about wildcrafting or foraging wild edibles, but I hope to share the tips and tricks I have learned through my experience over the years. This will be a relaxed class, lasting about 30 mins and will hopefully prepare you to be able to go collect your own useful wild plants. Please come with your experiences ready to share with the class and bring a friend.

Companion Classes

This will also go well with the Plant Identification class. Because the number one rule for wild crafting is being confident in identifying plants properly before you harvest anything to consume. Never ingest any plant unless you are one hundred and ten percent sure of what it is. While there are not many plants that have extremely toxic side effects if inadvertently consumed, you need to be smart and know what you are eating just in case. Better to be safe than sorry! (Come to class and hear my own experience of being SORRY about eating something when I shouldn’t… to my shame. Lesson learned!).

Wildcrafting Class Details

This class is scheduled for AUGUST 20, 2020 @ 1:00 PM. REGISTER HERE (note; once this date is past, check the Herb Classes page to view the next date for this class. It will be recurring!)

In this class I will be discussing tips for wildcrafting your own wild medicinal/edible plants. Tips through out the year for various types of plants and plant parts. Also tips for being sustainable and smart, where to collect and where NOT to collect. Contact me if you have any questions! See you on zoom!

Blessings in Christ – Kerry

Photo credit: Hope Obenhaus

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