Little Music Update from Me, Kerry Brock

kerry brock

Little Music Update from Me, Kerry Brock

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Yesterday was the first of many trips to David Lubbers’ studio (Masters Touch Productions, Farmington, MO)! I had such a blast sharing this experience with Davy for the first time!

In our 3 hour session, we got “scratch tracks” laid for 5 songs. We chose these songs strategically, as they mostly end up falling into different categories of types of songs we are interested in creating and releasing. This way, we will end up getting a better idea of what’s involved with each.

What are these categories?
Original songs
Cover songs
Songs that I will perform alone
Songs that we plan to collaborate with other musicians.

This plan has already worked out how we hoped. We already have a much better idea what will be involved for each after today. AND, it has showed us that we really have NO IDEA what will be involved for them all. Hahaha. It’s a great, big, learning process and it’s SO fun!

The songs we got rough drafts of so far are:
New Momma (original, I hope to add piano, first I have to learn piano! Lol)
Close My Eyes (original, we already have plans of collaboration on this one)
The Road Trip Song (original, might be good as is! Turned out better than I expected!)
In the Cross of Christ I Glory (hymn, but I rewrote the music and added an original chorus)
If That Don’t Make You Wanna Go (cover, might include other musicians).

This recording session helped pin down a direction for what we need to work on and accomplish before returning to the studio and finalizing tracks for an eventual single release!

Going forward we already know we need to do more research into licenses for covering other people’s cool music, so there is still a lot up in the air regarding if/when we would release covers at this point.

We have a great feeling about releasing some of these sooner than later, but will still need a bit more time at the studio and designing cover art and things before we would know of a release date or even which one we would go with first.

As we refine these songs, I am working on another batch to practice and prepare to get more scratch tracks worked up next time. It’s super exciting and I can’t wait to be able to share more with you!

We are so very grateful to have David with his expert knowledge and experience on our side as we navigate this process. He has fine tuned his ear for what sounds good and is so professional and efficient. Every time I go I am amazed at how much we accomplish in the time we are there and blown away by the quality and results. “The Master’s Touch” is such a perfect name for David Lubbers’ business! He truly has the master’s touch and a master ear for hearing what will make my music even better!! So thankful for his expertise and efficiency!

Thank you to each of you who have given to this creative project. You are making these dreams happen!

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