March Nature Walk – 5 herbs I saw growing

kerry brock

March Nature Walk – 5 herbs I saw growing

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This herb likes sunny open fields and meadows. I transplanted some last year into my garden bed, and it seems to be taking to it very well. The leaves are much bigger than the ones I left in the field.


The fern like leaves are all that is cropping up right now, in clusters of 3 leaves. They are only about 2-3” tall. These will shoot up to be 18-24” tall and have white flowers in late summer.  

Yarrow is useful topically and systemically for supporting healthy circulation and normal coagulation. As an astringent and cleansing herb it is great added to skin cleaners and multipurpose ointments and salves for supporting the healthy appearance of skin.


There are not many people who do not know what a dandelion looks like. Right now here in Southeast Missouri, the dandelion leaves are just sprouting out. They are popping up in clusters of 12-16 leaves and the leaves are about 3-4” long each.


These tender new leaves are the best to eat as fresh greens, as they will be the least bitter. The farther along into spring and summer we get, they just get more bitter.


Dandelion is a great spring tonic herb. It is cleansing and supportive of the liver and kidneys, so helps you eliminate properly and get rid of excess buildup from being sedentary over the winter. Try dandelion and yarrow tea to help an internal spring cleaning and enjoy the benefits of improved skin as well.


This is an adorable plant and I’m so happy to see this large plant out in our backyard. Right now, the leaves are a total of about 12-16” diameter, and very close to the ground. This will be a large plant come summer, it will send out a single stalk, with it’s fuzzy leaves going up around and it will have clusters of beautiful yellow blossoms at the top of the stalk.


Mullein is considered a respiratory, glandular and lymphatic tonic. It is relaxing, while being soothing to mucous membranes.

As another early spring plant, the fact that it helps stimulate lymph circulation makes it a valuable herb for cleansing stagnation from a long hard winter.

Wild Garlic/Chives

I honestly do not know how to tell the difference between wild garlic and wild chives… someone help?! In any case, garlic is a great herb to add to your cooking! Everything tastes better with garlic. Chop these tiny cloves and the green tops and use like you would garlic or chives.

wild garlic-chives

Garlic is fantastic support for your already overworked immune system. It supports digestion and normal healthy circulation. Syrup of garlic is suggestion for respiratory wellness.


I got pretty excited when I saw this darling little plant on my walk today! The patches I used to see around have all but gone away. This is a self seeding annual, so if the plants don’t ‘go to seed’ and drop it won’t grow back the next year.


It is already quite spread out. The leaves are alternating on the stems and the plant has sprawling branches that are about 13-16” across right now. They will get teeny tiny, white, star-shaped, flowers later in spring. But harvest soon, once the heat of summer comes this plant is done. It only likes the cool of spring, growing along edges of woods in damp, compost rich soil.


We just talked about how great this plant is in one of our Herb Talk Tuesday posts so make sure you go check that out here because there is also a free recipe to make your own chickweed salve.

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