New Class Schedule

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New Class Schedule

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I just updated the class schedule! Finally! I know many of you have been asking about them, and I have just gotten round to setting up the schedule on the website. Check them out on the Herb Classes page and register asap.

The first 4 parts of my Herbology 101 course are set, along with a few Herb Report classes and the Biblical Perspectives of Health class. As always, these classes are set for a specfict time and date. When you register, you should recieve a pdf download of notes for the class (if the one you have signed up for comes with classes), and will get the link to connect to a zoom meeting with me. (You must make sure you have access to the Zoom app and that it is updated before class time).

Herbology 101 course

This course actually began as a little FB event. I was mimicking those Jamberry nail parties that happened in events once-upon-a-time with all the numbered posts, and even the participation prizes. I originally called it, “Herbs and their Preparations”. I thought it was sooo basic, you guys. And the people that attended that original little fb event several years ago expressed being overwhelmed with the information I laid out.

I’ve worked on breaking down the information even further. Spreading it all out into more manageable chunks of time. Allowing space for all your questions and all the juicy rabbit trails that we may end up on. I realize a set day/time to show up live with me on Zoom isn’t always the most convenient. But I promise you’ll get way more out of it than you would if I just recorded myself reciting stale info and you watched it at your leisure. How much do you really want to learn about herbs? Consider it an investment in your future, in your health, in your family. Or just consider it an investment in you and a fun hobby. (Really, I don’t want you to think I take my self so seriously that what I have to say in these classes will change your life. hardly.) Or, consider it an investment in my work and pat yourself on the back for supporting your favorite herbalist. Tis appreciated how every you talk yourself into it.

The course notes have been written for each part to last between 1.5-2 hours (give or take depending on the rabbit trails and amount of students present). There are currently 4 parts, part five is in the works.

While I did write these in this order so that one would build upon the information you would learn in the one before… there really is no reason you can’t take them out of order, or just take the ones you are most interested in. But I do encourage them all taken as intended, cause it makes me happy to see you enjoying my work as I created it to be consumed.

Herb Report Classes

These herb report classes are 30 mins of in-depth information about a specific herb. The info I share is based on the herbal reports I was required to make weekly during my training as an herbalist with Victoria Fortner. I reported on up to 4 herbs a week during the most intensive time in my training to become a certified herbalist. I have organized the notes into useful PDF’s that are included with your registration to the class.

Have you taken any of my classes in the past? I’d love to hear your thoughts and see your reviews left on the product pages! Let me know if you have any questions. I am fairly flexible on the time frames of these classes, and may even be able to work in a different day if you are set on attending but can’t make it to a listed date/time. Just go ahead and register for the classes you are interested in and then reply to the email receipt and we can discuss scheduling a time that works for both of us.

Again, check out the whole schedule here! Comment below with any questions.

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