New Year, New Schedule, New Ideas

kerry brock

New Year, New Schedule, New Ideas

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Hello friends! I pray you had a blessed Christmas and Happy New Years celebrations with those you love.

I am always happy for the new, fresh, clean-slate feeling that comes with the new year. I am one to love starting new things and setting new goals. We are well into January at this point, and I’m so excited to see what more this year will hold.

A few new things have gone into effect here in the Shawnee Moon space, let’s discuss them…

New Lab Schedule: Order processing/shipping

I am very excited to make dedicated days to work in the lab every week. (I was always working in the lab weekly before, but it was more scattered, a few hours this day a few that day, interrupted by other things in the day). Now, no interruptions, Thursdays and Fridays will be my lab days (When moon phases allow!). Order processing will now be Thursdays/Fridays. THIS EFFECTS YOUR ORDER PROCESSING/SHIPPING timing. Orders will be processed every Thursday/Friday and shipped Friday/Saturday.

This will allow more time for me to dedicate to some herbal educational projects I’m working on in the background for you guys! Can’t wait to share more of that with you soon!

Unpopular Products will be phasing out

Currently I have 135 unique products listed for sale on the webshop. But over the past 7 years that I’ve been operating Shawnee Moon, some of those unique items have only sold once or twice, or not at all.

For the sake of continuing to have the freshest quality products that you use and love, I will be phasing out the products that have not been top sellers to make room and capital to put into ramping up the production of those things you do use and need.

If there is any products that you DO NOT want to see go; let me know! I really value your feedback. I will be deleting items over time, without notice, as it seems best for the business at the time.

No more ‘Ready-To-Ship’ items

The previous point kind of goes along with the plan to no longer have prepackaged products ready-to-ship on the shelf. Since I am not telepathic (sadly) I can’t predict what you will order when, so I am keeping all product in bulk storage until YOU send me an order. Then I bottle it up in precisely the portions you order, hand label, carefully pack into a box and hand deliver to the post office. Again, all in an effort to conserve space in the lab, and preserve the best quality of the product for you.


Again, I’d love to hear your feedback on products you couldn’t live without, or something you’ve been wanting to try for years and never got around to it… Those items may be gone for good before you know it.

I am excited for what 2022 will hold for all of us! Thank you so much for always being here supporting this little herb business and thereby my little family. You have blessed me beyond measure!

Praying Christ is near to you and blesses you today and always,

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