Reactive to Illness vs. Proactive toward Wellness

kerry brock

Reactive to Illness vs. Proactive toward Wellness

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“Herbalism is crippled when seen as a precursor of modern medicine, of drugs, or of potent active ingredients. Potentially in plants we have not only medicines for illness but augmentors for health.”

-David Hoffmann, “The Herbal Handbook”

I often have people ask me questions like, “What herb should I take for (insert any disease from acne to cancer)?”. I am pretty confident that I have only ever had one person ask me, “What herbs should I take, just to, like, stay healthy and balanced?”

Herbs and oils and natural health is about whole-ness. Whole plants, applied to the whole body, for whole wellness. It is far more effective as a preventative than as a last resort.

Once you get a cold, for example, the symptoms of the cold may be alleviated (by prescriptions from your dr. or herbs), but how ever you treat it, a cold more often than not simply must run it’s course.

What are you doing to fortify your body? To nourish and sustain your system to protect against illness, instead of simply reacting to it once it comes?

In modern medicine, we are infatuated with science and isolating individual constituents to see how they affect specific organ systems or disease. This research is invaluable, of course, but it misses some of the synergistic qualities of whole plants.

Sure, that one isolated constituent stimulated immunomodulator cells in vitro; but it also now is concentrated and what if it could cause side-effects because the body can’t metabolize it properly? With whole plants, your body recognizes it as food (like a vegetable is a plant). It contains all kinds of trace bits of planty goodness that help your body to metabolize it properly, utilize what it needs, and eliminate what it can’t use.

In this sense, that is why herbs have a very low possibly of producing negative side-effects. Does this mean plants are devoid of possible negative reactions? Of course not. Always do your research. Talk to your doctor and health care professionals. Use common sense and be aware of how you respond to natural wellness support.

Everyone is different and has unique susceptibilities, so this is always something you need to factor in when selecting plants and natural nutrition for you and your family.

What are your favorite plants for whole-body wellness?

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