Reminder of Out-of-stock/back order policies

kerry brock

Reminder of Out-of-stock/back order policies

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First off, I need to say a huge thank you to everyone placing orders this month! We are so grateful for the support of our small business! I am working hard everyday to make fresh products and get the orders out in a timely fashion.

It is also encouraging to see people seeking herbs for maintaining wellness during this time. It is a great idea to continue stocking up on your favorite Shawnee Moon products, but understanding that the delays and shutdowns are effecting us all. Though so far, we are keeping up, there are some products that are going to be slower to getting back in stock than others.

Since we make all of our products in small batches to maintain quality control and freshness, this influx of demand is starting to show in back ordered items. We also make our tinctures by the phases of the moon, so when we run out of something, it’s not always just a quick job of throwing it together and dropping it in the mail. It is a process of waiting for the right timing, and allowing the herbs time to do their scientific ‘thang’ as we wait for the next full moon to strain it and then we can ship it out.

Back-order policies –

Our policies have not changed, we just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of them during this time when there are higher chances all or part of your order might be back ordered. (No, I am not able to show on the website what is in-stock or not in real time… I’m a one-person-operation and can’t keep up with a consistent/accurate inventory of 130+ products).

When your order has an item or more back ordered, what ever is ready and available will be shipped within 3-4 business days. The remaining back ordered items will then be shipped out as soon as they come back in stock in a separate shipment at no additional cost to you.

Thank you –

Thank you again to everyone who has been ordering! Thank you for your understanding as I try keeping up with all the orders and work on restocking despite many of my bulk suppliers also being backed up with orders and slower processing times.

We are all in this together and I am doing my very best to get the products that you are needing to you as fast as I am able. You can still use the coupon code “freeship50” through the end of the month for free shipping on any order of $50 or more.

Keep looking to Jesus to fulfill all of your needs.
Blessings in Christ,

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All orders placed on or after 9/18 will be processed after 9/28. Thank you for your patience and understanding.