Special Announcement

kerry brock

Special Announcement

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Shawnee Moon will no longer be affiliated with the term “Herbaceuticals”. The term will be dropped from Shawnee Moon all together and the business will simply be known as “Shawnee Moon”.

We are still in the process of removing, destroying, and/or editing all of the product labels, websites [including contacting third party sites], advertizing/promotional materials, stationary, etc, that may still contain the word ‘Herbaceuticals’ in connection with our products and Shawnee Moon business. We appreciate your patience as we update our website photos with newly labeled products.

If you find websites or other materials with the name “Herbacuticals” in conjunction with Shawnee Moon, please disregard it.

We will continue to offer the same herb based, nutritional supplements, tinctures, ointments, washes and sprays, just as we always have. The same effective formulas Victoria created, plus new ones formulated by yours truly, are currently available for purchase as usual via the website.

We thank you for your continued support and understanding through this time of change.

Many blessings,
Kerry Brock, CH, [SMSHM]

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All orders placed on or after 9/18 will be processed after 9/28. Thank you for your patience and understanding.