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The Blog at Shawnee Moon

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Welcome to the blog of Shawnee Moon!

What to expect in future posts: 

  • News and Updates! Any website updates or price changes, and formulation updates and information, you as the Client needs to know; you’ll find it here!
  • New Formulas: Be the first to hear about new formulas that come out of the Shawnee Moon Laboratory!
  • Natural Remedies: This section will include simple DIY’s and easy recipes to add simple natural remedies to your family apothecary.
  • Discounts, Sales, Coupons: You will get all the latest sales information including special discounts, and coupon code offers right here on this blog!

This will be a place to find news and information about the business and website, about sales and discounts, and where you can learn more about the natural remedies and herbal medicine available through Shawnee Moon.

Cut, dry, peony root.
Cut, dry, peony root. Used primarily in Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM] for its immune-stimulating, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. Can be found in our ‘Immunoboost’ formula.
There have been many changes take place in the last few months here at Shawnee Moon on business and personal levels.

Shawnee Moon’s founder and owner since 1993, Victoria Fortner, passed away in October of last year. Her impact on the herbal health world and alternative medicine is still effecting and teaching people today.

Victoria Fortner, RH (AHG) 1954-2014

Even with our vast differences/backgrounds and, on occasion, clashing opinions, Victoria was to me a neighbor, Herbal Professor, advisor, employer, mentor and friend. I am grateful to have gotten to call her these things and share in the last few years of her life. And I am honored to continue her legacy in herbal healing. She is greatly missed. But her knowledge and teachings will always be with us. Read more about her here.

Davy & Kerry Brock – Nov. 29 2014

In November of last year, I married my best friend, Davy Brock. God knew exactly what we needed and in His perfect timing brought us together when we were least expecting it! It has been an amazing ride watching our love story unfold. We can’t wait for all that God may have in store for our future together!

Shawnee Moon Products
Shawnee Moon Products

I am so glad you have found Shawnee Moon! I can’t wait to join you on your natural journey to health.

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