Herbology 101 Intro – This weeks Herb Class 7/30/20

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Herbology 101 Intro – This weeks Herb Class 7/30/20

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Every Thursday at 1pm central I am hosting a zoom class! These are different each week, and the duration may change from week to week, but at this point, I am trying to be consistent about at lease one class per week. Mark your calendar! Check out the Herb Classes page to see what is currently scheduled. (Class topics are scheduled out til Nov. right now).

Herbology 101 Series – Intro

This weeks class is the first class of my Herbology 101 Series. This series consists of four classes that were designed with 2 hours of content each. I originally created these classes with the goal of sharing them in person to a small group. I had the opportunity to do that several times last year and it was such a blast and I was honestly surprised at the local response and how many individuals showed up.

With the world as it is, I’m transitioning these to online Zoom meetings. This may require some technical finesse (that I likely don’t have enough of) and will most likely result in lots of technical fumbling on my part. But I hope you will extend some grace toward me as I figure this part out. This will probably look like multiple zoom calls set up back to back to fit in the content for each class and also deal with the time limits set by the zoom app. (there is a paid version that I will consider in the future depending on the success of these classes, but in an effort to keep the costs down for you, I am going to avoid the paid subscription, and just juggle with you the time constraints, while also making sure you get all of the content you’re paying for.)

Class costs

Speaking of keeping costs down. When I did the class in person, I had way more overhead costs. Renting a space to have the class, driving to said place, printing off the notes for all the students, and the lost time in just the extra logistics that went into events like this. Originally the classes cost $25 each. I can now offer them at just $15 each. I am excited that this is going to be available in this way (online) at this more affordable cost.

At only $15 per class, you will get a downloadable/printable version of the class notes, including any recipes, step-by-step guides, and plant lists of how and when to use what. You will get the full 2 hours of content live with me (even if that is broken up into multiple zoom calls) and any possible extended time allowed for questions and discussion.

Registering for Classes

Now with the new and improved website, you can register for classes right on my website! Then I will know who plans on attending which classes and you will have a email sent to you after registering containing the Zoom information you need for the Thursday class, as well as information on how to download the PDF notes (if the class you registered for includes notes).

The registering process is exactly like purchasing a product. Find the class you want to register for, click ‘add to cart’, and then ‘check out’. If the class costs, you will be asked for billing information. If it is free, it will skip this step. Do let me know if you have any troubles with this process! It is new, so there may be things I missed or overlooked in the process.


If the class you are hoping to attend is not at a time that you are able to make, feel free to register anyways and then contact me about rescheduling to fit your schedule. This option is NOT available for free classes, only the classes that are in the Herbology 101 series.

Intro Class

In this first class of the Herbology 101 series, I will give a basic overview of herbs, literally defining ‘herb’ and building on that definition, how to use them. We will discuss, again, in an overview, the most used herbal preparations; teas and decoctions, ointments and salves, tinctures, essential oils. And then in conclusion, I have created a very small list of some of my favorite herbs, and which preparations I prefer to use them in and why.

The following classes within the Herbology 101 course we will dive deep into each of these preparations; teas, ointments, and tinctures. You will come away with practical knowledge to actually make these preparations yourself including recipes and tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years.


Thank you for reading this and for your interest in herbal learning! Let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing you on Thursday for the first part of this Herbology 101 series.

Blessings in Christ,

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