Your feedback needed – Let’s have a sale!

kerry brock

Your feedback needed – Let’s have a sale!

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It’s August and for the past several years I’ve always thrown a big sale for you lovelies. It’s been a little different every time. I’d love to hear from you what your preferences are for sales!

In the past, I’ve had sales where I only mark down IN STOCK items. I post lists in the facebook group, and here on the blog. You comment what items you claim on each post, at the end of an appointed time, I tally up everyone’s items, message invoices and then work on processing everything. This option insures you get what you ordered within a week or two once the sale ends (Because everything is in stock, more or less ready to ship).

Other times, I’ve had sales where I have my entire product list on sale. You place your order, (I’ve done it to where the website gives you the discount, or you email me your list and I figure up your invoice manually), and some items will most likely be back-ordered (not in stock). You may have to wait up to 6-8 weeks (depending on products ordered, packaging delays and moon phases). With this option, you get more options of discounted products to pick from, but you MIGHT have to wait longer before you get your items.

Some times I’ve given away a free item at certain dollar amounts. Or given coupons to use for future orders when you refer a friend who orders during the sale. And always free shipping at a lower total order amount than normal. (Did you know that regulatory ALL orders over $150.00 get free shipping automatically on the website?! I have often lowered this price point during sales).

Some sales require coupon codes; some I set up so the website applies the discounts automatically. Some times you have to email your orders, or facebook message me or just login to the website and order.

We’ve done a lot of different things over the years!! Which options do you prefer? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  • Shop in-stock discounted items, they ship sooner
  • Shop ALL products on the website, they might be back-ordered, but I don’t mind the wait
  • Shop on Facebook Posts
  • Shop on Blog Posts
  • Shop website with automatically applied discounts
  • Shop website with coupon codes
  • I’m sure I’m missing something, so let me know what else you like about product sales!

Let me know in the comments here, or an email to, or reply to the e-newsletter in your inbox.

Thank you all for your consistent support over the years. You are such a blessing to my small business and my little family.

Blessings in Christ, Kerry

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4 thoughts on “Your feedback needed – Let’s have a sale!”

  1. I don’t mind waiting for things that may be out of stock. It is easier sometimes if the discounts are already applied to the products on the web sight, but I like shopping Facebook posts also. It can also depend on what type of sale your thinking of doing. If it’s a sale on individual products or a percentage off of a total order.

  2. I’m honestly open to any of those methods for the sale! I do like the “in stock” sale because it encourages me to try out new things that I otherwise might not even notice. I do like the free shipping (I’m a sucker for it!), too.

  3. Thank you, fcorin13, for your thoughtful reply. Haha, I’m always excited to get free shipping, too!

  4. Thanks, jcrites09, for taking the time to reply! This is very helpful as I plan the sale!

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