About Kerry

kerry brock

Kerry Brock, Certified Herbalist, owner of Shawnee Moon, was home schooled since second grade. As a girl, her family began learning about nutrition and alternative health. She watched her Mom pour over herb books and articles and search the library for more ways to use the plants that God has provided for our families wellness. This self-taught herbalist was eager to share her findings. Kerry and her older brother were always involved in things their Mom would brew and helped put up tinctures by the phase of the moon, learn what was good for what and got to see for themselves the healing power of God’s creation.

Kerry graduated from home school high school in 2006 and equipped with the skills to learn, continued at home studies and mentor-ships, to expand and hone skills in a broad field of interests; from guitar playing, singing and song writing, gardening, landscaping, formal sewing and historical/fantasy costume design, knitting, crocheting, spinning and weaving. Her family readily encouraged her in all her endeavors and provided an ideal environment for lots of opportunities and learning.

In this time, Kerry opened her online business, Simply Natural Designs where she offered hand-made clothing and accessories.

In 2010, when the option to study under Victoria Fortner at Shawnee Moon School of Herbal Medicine presented itself, Kerry knew it would be an invaluable experience and was excited to add to her knowledge of herbs and alternative health. The course exceeded her expectations of the depth of subjects and all she learned. With that training and experience she created a small natural skin care line to add to her sewing endeavors business including lotions, lip balms, ointments, salves and face scrubs. She graduated in fall of 2012.

Kerry was honored with the position of General Manager of Shawnee Moon in 2012 at the completion of her herbal studies through Shawnee Moon School of Herbal Medicine.

In 2013 Kerry completed a 14 track album of songs and travels performing music at churches and events. She is a member of the Christian Motorcyclist Association and was on the Missouri State Praise Band from 2009-2015 which travels the seven state region leading praise and worship for motorcycle events on regional and national levels. She volunteered at the local Pregnancy Resource Center and is active in raising awareness and support for individuals effected by issues close to her heart, such as; modern-day slavery (Campaign1:17), abortion (Birthdays for Babies), widows and orphans (Amazima and Compassion International).

In the fall 2014, Victoria passed away after a three year battle with cancer. She left figuratively large shoes to fill, and Kerry has stepped up to the plate. It is an honor and a privilege to be trusted to carry on Victoria’s herbal legacy and work, and her passion for herbs and healing.

Kerry married her best friend, Davy Brock, in the late fall of 2014. The two are actively involved in their church, spending time with family, working on building up their own small businesses, stealing away for fishing dates and walks in the woods and in general enjoying this new chapter of life together.

In January, 2017, her and Davy launched Parkland Hub, with Davy’s twin brother Robert and his wife, Bobbie jo. Parkland Hub is a hyper local business blog and online directory serving four counties in South East Missouri. They are enjoying the opportunity to support other entrepreneurs in their area. Parkland Hub is also on facebook.

Learn more about Kerry’s music at Kerry Bond Music. Learn more about Davy’s internet marketing business at Current22. To contact Kerry, please email kerry@shawneemoon.com.