Black Friday Deals

kerry brock

Black Friday Deals

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All the deals should be live in this product category: Holiday Specials

No coupon codes needed.

Browse the shop, fill your cart, check out and get back to your holiday weekend. Let me know if you have any questions!

Free shipping will be granted on all orders over $45+

Thank you for choosing Shawnee Moon for some of your holiday shopping!

It’s after Thanksgiving now so….. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!



There are some items that are new/limited edition, some featured, and some that will be on sale. Most will be Limited Quantities, so you’ll want to be the first to check them out before they are gone for good. (Or there may be some offered as backordered items)

The Sale items are regular products in the usual product line (items you know and love, in stock, marked down in price). They will show ‘out-of-stock’ when the quantity is sold out. No more will be sold at that price. As they go OOS, I’ll update the listings and more will be able to be ordered again at the regular price. (But will be backordered)

Featured items are ones that have been around the shop, but I thought they might be good gift items. They are not on sale, because they are already listed at a great price.

Limited Edition items, are NEW items; these are what I’m super excited about! Brand new items that are super limited stock, and once they are gone, they’re gone. These items come in a moment of inspiration as I’m working in the lab, so I’m offering them to you as a special one-time offering. 

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All orders placed on or after 9/18 will be processed after 9/28. Thank you for your patience and understanding.