Demulcent vs. Emollient – How they are similar yet different. in Sixty Seconds

kerry brock

Demulcent vs. Emollient – How they are similar yet different. in Sixty Seconds

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Demulcents and emollients are unique medical properties, but they are similar in some ways. In my sixty second snippet today I’m talking briefly about how they are similar, and yet different.

Demulcents have to do with internal affects. They are soothing and healing to mucous membranes, while being protective and nourishing to damaged or inflamed tissues. Think: the esophageal lining, intestinal lining, lungs, sinuses, etc.

Emollients are specific to topical healing and moisturizing. In general any skin will benefit from an emollient as they typically soothe, soften and protect the skin. Sometimes, particular types of preparations will be called an emollient also. This is an additional definition that should be remembered and distinguished from the medical property associated with specific plants.

Photo by Egor Myznik on Unsplash

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