The day has finally arrived! I have been working hard to research and develop this new line of products to help YOU achieve your health goals and become the Healthiest You in 2016. #HealthiestYouSM16


#1 – WHAT THESE PRODUCTS ARE – Let me try to explain what I hope to accomplish here. I want this line of products to be an encouragement for you to keep heading in the right direction with your health and the health of your family. To help you and me get out of our ‘fad dieting’ rut, and break away into the groove of ‘healthy lifestyle-ing’. This line of products has been formulated to increase health and wellness, nourish you inside and out, cleanse and detox, and (in conjunction with a clean, well balanced diet and regular exercise), may aid in maintaining your healthy weight, while possibly helping you achieve your 2016 goal weight. 

#2 – WHAT THESE PRODUCTS ARE NOT – This is not a ‘fad diet’ and it is not a program that guarantees you will drop X amount of pounds in X amount of days. This is NOT an expensive gimmick filled with false hopes. I KNEW when I started out on a goal to create natural products to help people achieve their health goals [which often equate to weight loss goals, if we’re all honest], I did not want to produce something that was going to promise to fix all your problems. Because, if we’re being honest here, I can’t fix your problems. I can’t fix my own problems, let alone everyone else’s! So, I wasn’t about to try to. But I can encourage you along your journey. 


ˈrezəˌlo͞ot/  adjective 1. admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering. “she was resolute and unswerving”


This one word is what I have continued to go back to during the curation of this collection of products. “Resolute” is not a word that can be attached to ‘things’. A product cannot be ‘resolute’. But YOU can be. And sometimes it’s hard to get started. And often it’s even harder to stay resolute in the long run when cravings and laziness creeps in. This is where I hope Shawnee Moon can step in and help. I want these products to be the encouragement you’ve been waiting for. For you to become the resolute and unswerving self that you have always known you can be. That is what I want this product line to be for you. That nudge to help you in the right direction. That stroke of confidence that you can be happy and healthy, and it is going to take some ‘admirably purposeful determination’ on YOUR part. But You can do this. And my hope is, that Shawnee Moon can help!

[[Be on the look out for more info soon about LIMITED EDITION introductory kits!!]]

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Without further ado… {But a drum roll might be nice}

The New 2016 products!


Tropical Trim Tincture – This is a brand new tincture to me, and to Shawnee Moon [at least in my known history of Shawnee Moon]. But I came across this formula in Victoria’s recipe book and herbal research notes. It was a simple list of herbs and she titled it, “Tropical Trim”, with the only note beside it being “appetite suppressant“. We had a little study with some of the Moonies and you need to CLICK HERE to read their results and comments!!


KAP Off Tincture – This is a blend of three herbs; Kelp, Alfalfa and Plantain. These herbs have been found to decrease obesity, stimulate the metabolism, aid in long-term weight loss and normalize body weight. It is a nutritional blend of herbs that aid in long-term, normalized body weight and is intended to accompany a healthy life style of clean eating and regular activity.


Resolute Fiber Powder – Dietary herbal fiber blend. This is a blend of herbal and plant based organic fibers. This is not a laxative, but a bulking agent that softens and smooths the intestinal lining. It supports and nourishes the GI tract and aids proper elimination. It expands in the stomach to create satiety, and slows down processing of sugar, to help reduce sugar spikes and crashes. Read all about the huge benefits these can have on your health goals!


Resolute Green Powder – a blend of green super food herbs in a powdered form to allow you to easily include it in a glass of water or juice, or sprinkle in soups, on salads and spoon into smoothies. It is an excellent way to achieve optimal health through well known nutritive greens. It can be hard to ingest the recommended daily amount of green food, with this powdered form, Shawnee Moon makes it a little simpler. CLICK HERE to read more about each individual ingredient.


Daily Supplement Tincture – This is a formula I’ve put together to be a daily general health support formula for every age and gender. It includes herbs that are high in vitamins and minerals to be a general ‘multi-vitamin’ of sorts! But also have some adaptogens to reduce stress and immune supporting herbs to help ward of illness. Check out all the info about the herbs included in this Brock original formula.


Oolong Tea bags – Our first time offering  herbal tea in convenient tea bags!! This particular tea has so many studies and benefits, I can’t wait to tell you all about it! Oolong tea is made from the leaves of the same plant that we get black tea and green tea, Camellia sinensis. The difference is they way they are oxidized. Oolong tea has been found to decrease body fat and speed up metabolism while blocking fat building enzymes. Read all about it here.


Body Pump Tincture – This is a Fortner Original Formula that has long been in our inventory as it is beneficial for a variety of concerns. It is a stimulant, and helps circulate not only the cardiovascular system, but the lymph and metabolic systems as well! These two systems don’t have their own pump, like the cardiovascular does [ie, the heart!], so there are limited ways that these systems can be stimulated. #1 is by exercise! And also dry brushing. But another way is with some of the herbs in this formula.


G.I. Juice Tincture – This is a simple, yet effective, Fortner Original Formula that is actually among our clients favorites, especially used as heartburn/acid reflux relief. It is being featured in this 2016 Product Launch for its digestive aiding ability to help promote a healthy gut and proper elimination, particularly in the upper G.I. tract, which helps more than most think in your journey to the healthiest you.


Colonaid Tincture – This is another Fortner Original Formula that is being featured in our Healthiest You 2016 Product launch. Regaining elimination regularity is a prime key to regaining optimal health. Colonaid, as a gentle laxative, helps you achieve this. Read how here!


Amber Smoothing Oil – Our first roll-on herbal topical formula! Read on to see how the herbs in this topical formula improve skin collagen, elasticity and feeds the skin proper nutrients to repair damaged skin cells, deter cancer growth and diminish fine lines. Jojoba oil is most like our natural sebum [the oil our skin produces] therefore it is the best natural moisturizer for the face. Use this product on any problem skin areas to moisturize and soothe, also beneficial for nails and cuticles.


There it is! Our 10 brand new, or newly featured formulas and products for our Healthiest You 2016 product line! Please share and let me know if you have any questions! Use our hashtag [ #HealthiestYouSM16 ] when you share about the new products! I am excited about these products and am so glad they are finally available to you! Let me know what you think!!


Blessings – Kerry

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PSS – There will be some more info soon about LIMITED EDITION introductory kits!!

Kerry Brock, Certified Herbalist and owner at Shawnee Moon, is a researcher of plants, an eater of herbs, a drinker of coffee and a formulator of remedies. She keeps busy trying out pinterest diy’s and often failing at cooking in her backwoods home in rural southeast Missouri with her fantastic husband, Davy, two dogs, an assortment of cats and a unbelievably supportive family near by.


The information contained in this post is for educational purposes only; it is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure disease. It is simply for use in the maintenance and promotion of good health in cooperation with a licensed medical practitioner. Kerry Brock and Shawnee Moon are not licensed to treat or diagnose disease. Consult with your physician for diagnosis or treatment. By using this information you agree that the decisions regarding your health are your own responsibility and understand that Kerry Brock and Shawnee Moon are not liable for your health decisions.

Sources and continued reading:
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