I’m closing Shawnee Moon product production

kerry brock

I’m closing Shawnee Moon product production

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The gist: 30 years of Shawnee Moon product production comes to a close. I will continue accepting orders through August 31st, 2023. I have been blessed beyond measure these last 9 years of ownership of Shawnee Moon, plus 2 years as GM, and about 4+ more years as a student under Shawnee Moon’s founder, Victoria Fortner, and many more years under the tutelage of my knowledgeable Momma. Just as seasons change, my life is coming to a new exciting season, and Shawnee Moon and its product production is in its closing chapter. 

Short story, long… 2020 came with many unknowns and many changes for us all. For me, it meant my husband (like most people that year), Davy, had a lot of free time at home. He took the opportunity of that time to jump into a long time dream of developing video games. He was able to create a prototype of a mini game to submit as content for the Minecraft Marketplace, through the publisher, Pathway Studios, in October 2020. By December we thought he had been ignored, but low and behold, they responded and wanted to publish his game!

June in 2021 our first game was live on the marketplace! Fast forward to now; June 2023 and our 16th piece of content has been published and we have many more in the pipeline. We are able to truly live our dream of working together from home! It took years of tightening our belts and sacrifices, forgoing vacations, mending and making do, and putting in the work to get where we are now. Full-time content creators for the Minecraft Marketplace.

All our time is needed to work toward creating these in-game experiences for children and families. We are having a blast brainstorming ideas and coming up with fun and exciting concepts that we get to build into actual games. 

We can’t do this thing without each other… Davy has a unique understanding of game design and is really good at creating a technically cool and extremely fun piece of content. I get to help make it look cool! I do lots of art and give each game its own look while also creating marketing materials, from keyart/thumbnails to trailer videos. 

I am still extraordinarily passionate about plants, so I won’t be completely disbanding this platform. Product production takes a lot of time; as I enter this new season, I am letting that aspect go. With that time I will save, I will be able to dive headlong into my ultimate life dream: to work alongside my husband and help in his work!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Thank you for your many years of consistent support. Many of you have been customers of Shawnee Moon long before I was around, for a full 30 years. Some of you have religiously supported this venture simply because you support me. I truly am honored to have been able to serve you all these past 10 years, first as GM and now 9 years as owner. 

I am very excited for this next chapter, though there are some things that are bittersweet. Change is change, even when it is positive. Thank you for your understanding. 

In the coming weeks on the blog, I want to introduce you to herbalists and herbal makers that I love and that I’d be proud to refer you to. (with NO obligation to purchase or utilize their services, and understanding that I receive nothing monetary for recommending them to you). 

I will continue accepting orders for mail-order only through August, 31, 2023. Anticipate backorders, and occasional delays, as I am still just a one-man-operation, but rest assured I will do my very best to fulfill all your wishes in the next three months. 

As always, Blessings in Christ,

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