This week has been cold. Startlingly cold. Everyone around has been falling ill, and sadly, Davy and I were among those sick.

Davy got it first, with myself right along behind, with sore throat, chills, sinus pressure, congestion and an irritating dry cough. We upped our liquid intake, mostly water but also herbal tea and hot cocoa thrown in now and then.

It’s hard to follow, but at times when seasonal changes can deplete your immune system avoiding sugar can help because sugar automatically knocks your immune system offline for hours at a time.

Supporting your immune system is not just about supplementing with herbs, oils and vitamins (those are vastly important, but not the only things you can do).

Exercise, proper hydration, avoiding sugar and processed foods, eating fresh easily digestible foods, and as much sunlight as you can manage to get as possible are all going to help keep your immune system singing.

What are your favorite tips for supporting your immune system throughout the changing seasons and everyday of the year?

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