Just some ramblings about social media and how overwelming it seems

kerry brock

Just some ramblings about social media and how overwelming it seems

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There is a certain point in social media where it all just becomes so inundating.

Inundating me and my thoughts and daily life. It becomes overwhelming all the offers and all the calls-to-action, and all the groups and lives, and.. and.. I can’t process any of it.

And then here I am, inundating you. Posting offers, classes, products, calls-to-action, etc.. I’m here in the mass flow of information just waving a little flag trying to be noticed, just dumping more information into the flow.

I had big plans of sharing a special giveaway this Christmas but feel like it’s just going to get lost in the flow, or worse, that I’ll just come off as another spammy, social-media entrepreneur just wanting to use you to bug your friends with my stuff and grow my following.

But do I even really want more followers? Apparently that’s what I need to grow my business. And I need to grow my business, right?

How do we cut through the clamor? It seems the only thing to do really, is to step away. But how does one manage that with a business? What if I lose what little momentum I had going with my views and likes and follows? Would anyone even notice if I just stopped showing up on social media? Would my business suffer because of it?

I shared in my Shawnee moon fb group about how taxes are, of course, the worst. And how every year, it seems like I’m doing well, it feels like I have a lot of orders, or I’m making more contacts, and yet the numbers show I am actually making fewer sales every single year.. and tax season makes me pull out my hair and just wanna give up on the self-employed life.

I feel like Instagram is like a wallstreet trading bull pin (is that what they’re called? Of course I’ve only ever seen them in movies). All the stock traders are their in their tailored suits and elbowing their way in to achive the best deal, or be heard above the rest. Instagram is this competition of aesthetics and who can be the most vulnerable and genuine and then everyone ends up looking fake. I’m even doing it right now! Ugh!

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