Kick-Butt Cold Soup

kerry brock

Kick-Butt Cold Soup

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So, today is Thursday. Tuesday I had been outside most of the day in the old musty garage, pulling out folding tables and chairs and cleaning them up to use for the craft show coming up this weekend. I was out with my cousin doing a mock run of setting up the booth so I kind of have a plan when I get to the site and set up on Friday. The weather was great, windy and warm, pollen blowing everywhere.

By Tuesday night I had a dry, sore throat, a splitting headache and started some overall body aches with sinus pressure. I took some KS Allerease and Anti-Hist and was falling asleep on the couch I was so tired. Went to bed and woke up on Wednesday with killer body aches and chills, sore throat even dryer and more sore, the same splitting headache and in general just felt like I got run over by a dump truck.

I took my shower and had my coffee and thought I’d feel more like a person and be able to go to work, but when I got there I didn’t think I could do a thing and my sweet husband made the decision to take me back home and put me back to bed. I started taking Immunoboost along with the above mentioned tinctures through out the day. A dropperful or two every 3-4 hours [or sooner if I thought of it]. I tried to avoid sugar. I had some left over chicken fried rice. And every time I felt a bit better and would do something, I’d get weak and dizzy and just end up on the couch again.

At one point I decided I wanted some soup, but we didn’t have much in the kitchen to chose from [We were over due for a grocery run, and the Dear Husband was planning to get them on his way home from work that day]. So I scrounged.

We had an Onion. So I cut the whole thing in thick chunks [cause I didn’t want to stand there any longer then I had to], and tossed it in a pan with some butter. I threw 5 cloves of Garlic in my garlic press and added that to the pan. [I would have used a few more, but that was all I had, and the Husband brought me some more home later]. I let that cook til the onion was just starting to soften and get a touch translucent, then I put it in my crock-pot.  I had a fresh Ginger root in the freezer, and I took a couple slices off of that and minced it, then added it to the pot. Then I shook some cayenne pepper into the pot.

Now I got to scrounging. I threw a can of Navy beans, a can of organic vegetable soup and a can of condensed chicken soup and let it cook on low for the rest of the day. [I probably wont put it in the crock-pot next time, cause it was trying to stick to the bottom on the low setting, so if I hadn’t been home to stir it, then we wouldn’t have had much soup at all. Next time I’d just simmer it on the stove for a 10-20 mins after stir frying the onions and garlic and ginger fully].

If I had gotten to digging up my potatoes from the garden, I would have thrown some of them in. But, I haven’t had time for my garden this year. I’d probably add carrots and other veggies to it too. Oo, and cabbage! But, like I said, I used what we had. I had no idea how this stuff was going to taste, but I knew that I needed those first 4 ingredients to kick this cold in the butt, cause I needed to be better by Friday!

Later, when the Husband came home, we dug into the soup. It was awesome guys!! I felt like my body knew it needed those ingredients to bring warmth, circulation, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, power house into my blood stream and knock this cold for a loop. Hubby said I could make it again any time, and not to get sick just so I could eat that soup.

I have continued with Immunoboost and the KS Allerease and Anit-Hist. This morning I woke up feeling tired, but rested. Not like the trash truck ran over me all night. I’ve been able to be up at work and get everything packed for the weekend!!

I’m so grateful God blessed me with a speedy recovery from this allergy/cold/bug what ever it may be, and that He has blessed us with these powerful herbs and foods that bring the body to a place where it can heal itself.

Looking forward to the weekend. Come out and join me if you can! Click here for more info about the Parkland Celtic Festival.

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