KS Allerease – Product Highlight and Customer Reviews

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KS Allerease – Product Highlight and Customer Reviews

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Today I thought I’d highlight a tincture that I sell a lot of during spring and fall since we’ve been discussing a lot about being healthy despite the seasonal stuff that comes along at these times of drastic change. It really is a seasonal wellness aid and is one Davy and I personally never want to be without. (KS Allerease and Anti-Hist! But maybe I’ll discuss Anti-Hist in another post). I like taking a serving before bed to support clear breathing and a clearer head in the morning.

But just because Davy and I use it and find good results with it, isn’t saying a lot, now is it? I mean, I make the stuff, so we’re kind of biased, right? I thought I’d share here some reviews from some other people who have no reason to say nice things about the products, except because they find them useful!

I wanted to wait until we had used it a while before reviewing the KS Allerease. The autumn is the worst time of year for allergies in my family because 3 of us are affected by it. When I purchased this, my husband & 12 year old son were having allergy issues. Within 36 hours, their symptoms were gone! Then a few days ago I started having allergy issues. Now after just a day of the KS Allerease, I’m on the mend. Next time, we plan to use this as a preventative measure as well as to treat occurring symptoms.
I was worried that my son might not like the taste (I take it straight), but when I added it to a small cup of juice both my son & husband said they couldn’t even taste it. As a matter of fact, my husband said that I was welcome to give him any of the tinctures from Shawnee Moon as long as it was in juice!

fcorin13 – October 30, 2015

This review is a few years old, if you notice the date, but this customer faithfully uses this formula still! And, she is actually the reason the next review happened! I can’t tell you how grateful I am to the people who use and love these products and then they share with others their success with them! It keeps me in business and it is such an huge compliment and encouragement to me to see people hear about Shawnee Moon because of referrals!

Your reviews here on my website, or on social media and google make such a big difference. Your personal experiences shared with others makes all the difference to whether or not someone might decide to try one of my products. I am beyond thankful to everyone who takes time to leave reviews on the products they love on my website… I just can’t say enough how much it helps my little business.

Here is another five start review from a happy customer:

I just want to recommend KSAllerease. I usually have lots of issues every spring, since I added Allerease this year to my regiment very little trouble. However in my effort to get our family camp out going I couldn’t find it. My eyes were swollen and I was miserable all week end. I found it and since I am on my way back to being controlled again. Thank you

Marsha Koch – May 29, 2020

Up next, I’ll dig into the difference off KS Allerease and Anti-Hist and why I often use them interchagebly, and we’ll look at how people are all different and unique and we don’t all fit into the same 4 sided box… this is why you will find many formulas among my shop that address the same issues, but with different herbs. Sometimes one person doesn’t 100% respond the best to one herb or another, someone else will respond better to something else. It is much the same with herbs and natural wellness as it is with your doctor and prescriptions; often it is just a process of elimination to find what will work best for a particular person, so do not get discouraged! Keep keeping on, there are SO many more herbs that can be helpful! Don’t give up.

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  1. Hemorrid is the best product I’ve used. It relieves pain within minutes. I trust Kerry’s products to be pure and effective. I’m happy to support her business and appreciate her continued dedication to quality.

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