Hello herb enthusiast!

I am excited to announce that I am in the process of testing technology that would allow me to host online classes where participates could see and hear me live, and I could hear and see my students live, all via computers.

We are testing out the platform Zoom.us. If you are interested in participating in classes, you will have to download the zoom app first on your device. It is very mobile friendly, but you can also install it on your computer that is fit with a camera.

But you do not have to be on camera, either. It just would help the learning process for you to be able to communicate fully with me, the teacher, if I could see you!

There are lots of details to work out, but some exciting classes in the works to be shared with you. Crossing my fingers that technology works for us, not against us, and this can get started soon.

Classes to look forward to:
Herbology 101 series (for beginner/family herbalists)
Herbal First Aid kit
Kitchen Cough Syrup
Fire Cider
Essential oil perfume class
and if there is enough interest later… a possible Herbology 102 series (for the dedicated to info and learning Community herbalist)

We are hoping to curate a few options for taking the class, too. Individual, pick what you want. Or bundles where you pay for a bunch of classes at once for a possible discount. And possibly a group rate, if you want to host a gathering where multiple people will be in attendance on one device.

What kind of classes and options would you like to see?

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