Dream Pillow – Druid’s Deep Sleep blend

How have you been sleeping? Troubled dreams? Restless nights? Perhaps you need a special blend of calming and protective herbs to help you fall into peaceful, pleasant dreams!



A relaxing seasoning-ish blend of herbs with the scents of calming chamomile to promote relaxation and deep sleep. Simply place dream pillow inside your pillow case and refresh or replace every 2-3 months, or when the herbs lose their scent strength.
These pillows contain dry herbs, so they are consistent and not too powerful, making them safe for adults, children and pets. Some of the herbs have been known to repel fleas. I would suggest the small size for those considering one for their youngins.
Contains: thyme leaves, red clover blossoms, passion flower, vervain herb, chamomile flowers.
Comes in regular and small sizes:
 Dream pillow sweet dreams regular small
Size comparison of small to regular:
Dream pillow size difference


Please view our Herbal Reference section for more complete information about the properties of each herb.


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