Embroidered Keepsake Towels – Spring Collection

$42.00 each, or $140.00 for the collection of 4 ($35.00 ea).
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The story behind this product:

After Shawnee Moon’s founder, Victoria Fortner passed in the fall of 2014, I uncovered these drawings in the lab that she had made as herb identification reference cards. Simple, accurate representations of over 20 plants native to the midwest. Each card lists the common name, Latin name and a couple of their medicinal properties.

I wanted to bring this art to herb enthusiast in a unique way, so I collaborated with Heritage Arrows Embroidery and Design to transfer the hand drawn artwork into an embroidered keepsake. We selected four of the original drawings that best represented spring for this initial launch.

Their skilled digitizer, Grace, took the images and worked out every detail of transforming the sketches into an embroidery design. Each and every stitch had to be mapped out one at a time. A tedious 15,000 stitches per design!

I am in awe of how she was able to capture the same form and style of the hand drawn look into the embroidered final product! She took care to recreate even subtle details of outlines and colors that crossed or overlapped in the natural original drawings and translated that into the design to maintain the true feel of the art work.

Now the designs are available for you to order on a large 100% natural cotton kitchen towel. The towels measure 17.5″ x 28″ and have a handy little loop in the upper left hand corner. The embroidery design itself measures over 12″ at the largest. Each one will be made to order, please allow 7-14 days for your hand made item to be completed and shipped.

$42.00 each, or $140.00 for the collection of 4 ($35.00 ea).



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