Shawnee Moon’s Miracle Tattoo Balm

Purifying, cleansing, moisturizing support for freshly tattooed skin**

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Purifying, cleansing, moisturizing support for freshly tattooed skin. Support healthy appearance and brightening of older tattoos.**

This organic & awesome balm is the collaborative creation of tattoo artist Bobbie Jo Brock and certified herbalist Kerry Brock. With our powers combined we came up with a natural, healing, nutritive balm, to support your skin in those critical hours and days following your new skin art. Protect your investment with our miracle balm! 

Contains NO parabens, NO dyes, NO fragrances, NO petroleum, NO lanolin 

The vegan-friendly balm contains organic, pure ingredients that provide nourishing, rejuvenating benefits for the healthy appearance of skin while providing soothing, calming support for normal skin health. We intentionally selected herbs and oils that will support quick skin repair, lessen irritation, and avoided ingredients that will cause your tattoo to lose it’s color.

Choose from 2 sizes! They come in convenient, twist cap tins in half ounce size and two ounce size. We can ship directly to you, or you can pick up your order at Liberty Tattoo in Farmington, MO. If you want to pick it up in the shop, use coupon code at checkout “LIBERTYPICKUP” to remove shipping charges at check out. By using this coupon code during checkout, you are agreeing to pick up your order from Bobbie Jo Brock at Liberty Tattoo shop. Contact Bobbie Jo or Kerry for more details.

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Coconut oil* 

Powerful moisturizer, coconut oil restores dry flaking skin. It contains beneficial fatty acids and in general soothing to the skin. Great source of vitamin E.

Sweet Almond Oil*

this is a liquid fatty oil that is great for cleansing impurities from the skin pores, good source of vitamin A, recommended for sensitive skin.

Vitamin E Oil* 

This contains antioxidants to block free radicals. Free radicals are what we can blame on the aging process. So this is helpful to support youthful skin.

Bees wax*

Pure bees wax was added to thicken the balm and give it is staying power on the skin.

Chamomile flowers*

Whole chamomile flower tops are added because they are cleansing, calming and reduce occasional redness on the skin.

Calendula petals*

This beautiful, golden yellow flower petal was added for it’s ability to cleanse impurities and help support normal skin health while soothing, and discouraging ickies.

Rosemary leaves*

Another source of antioxidants, rosemary discourages free radicals and other ickies that may harm your tattoo.

Plantain leaves* 

Supports normal skin repair. This is very, very, cleansing and purifying! You want this for healthy, happy skin.

Comfrey leaves*

Packed with super nutrients like, vitamin B12 and A, Comfrey’s Latin name literally means, “to grow together”. It supports shortening the normal, healthy inflammatory response as well as normal coagulation.

Chickweed herb*

A very common skin supporting herb in the natural health realm. This dainty plant is useful to support the healthy appearance of skin, reducing occasional redness.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Please view our Herbal Reference section for more complete information about the properties of each herb.


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