Shop Small – Let’s talk supporting small businesses

This past weekend was a flurry of sales online! From black Friday, to shop small, or small business Saturday to cyber Monday; my phone didn't stop pinging with all the incentives and coupons and discounts.

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Shop Small – Let’s talk supporting small businesses

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Shop Small

This past weekend was a flurry of sales online! From black Friday, to shop small, or small business Saturday to cyber Monday; my phone didn’t stop pinging with all the incentives and coupons and discounts. I offered sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but held off for Small Business Saturday, because I feel like that is reserved for more brick and mortar businesses.

What ‘shop small’ means to me

But if we are just talking about shopping small businesses, whether supporting your local coffee shop, hardware store, or boutique, or supporting online entrepreneurs; then we are talking about supporting our friends and family. We are talking about supporting families who feel lead to follow their passions and desire to work for themselves and serve others with a product or service they love, believe in and believe could better someone else’s lives.

When you support Shawnee Moon…

  • I legitimately do a fist pump and get super excited to put together your order.
  • You keep our lights on and heat running.
  • You warm are hearts and home!
  • You allow us to give more to charities we are passionate about.
  • You allow us to have time flexibility to volunteer and serve others more.
  • You help us have creative capitol to come up with new products.
  • You are supporting a young family (ours!) and helping us work toward our modest dreams of being semi-successful entrepreneurs.

How can I support Shawnee Moon?

There are many ways to support our endeavors here beyond purchasing a product! Here are a few ways that just a bit of your time and effort, can mean a lot for what we are doing here:

  • Talk about Shawnee Moon:
    1. Share our link on your social media
    2. Share follow our social media pages and “like/react”, comment, tag and share on as many posts as you see. Facebook  Instagram
    3. Leave 5 Star reviews on our facebook page, and on Google. Even if you haven’t tried our products, but you know us personally, tell people what you like about us.
    4. Leave reviews on our product pages here on the website. If you have tried and experienced our products, take a few minutes to create an account here (for free), and find the products you love and tell people about how they have improved your quality of life.
    5. Do you have a friend who likes natural health? Send them a quick note and say, “I know this girl that does herb stuff, and I know you appreciate natural wellness and thought you might like to check out her website,”
    6. Sign up for our E-newsletter and blog lists. Forward our email updates to friends.
    7. Message me with suggestions of what you would like to read on the blog! I love the suggestions and inspiration from my readers, it helps me know what you want to read and be a better content creator.
  • Try out Shawnee Moon products and Young Living Essential Oils:
    1. Shop our products and add some natural wellness products to your life today! Your orders directly impact our lives and ability to keep operating this small business.
    2. Join Young Living Essential oils with a Premium Starter Kit and enroll in Essential Rewards. As Independent Distributors of Young Living, you directly and positively, impact our lives when you purchase oils and other Young Living Products with our link under our member # 2442022. YL is more than just essential oils. Over the course of two years we have switched out products like; toothpaste, deodorant, lotions, body wash, vitamins, makeup, aftershave, mouth wash, bathroom cleaners, window cleaner, laundry soap, dish soap, etc… Things we were already spending money on, we just diverted who benefited from our purchases. With Essential Rewards auto ship subscription, we earn loads of rewards back in points for product credits (I currently get 25% back on each monthly order!), and bonus loyalty gifts as well as discounted shipping. This is an income opportunity for us as well as you if you chose to share YL with others. There is never any requirements to share.
      • NOTE: Join Young Living with the person who FIRST introduced you to OILS. Did you hear about oils from your neighbor, sister, aunt, distant cousin?? Call them up and grab a kit with their member number. Support those closest to you first
    3. Host a class. This is one of my new found loves; teaching. Whether we do an Herbs and Oils of the Bible class, Herbs and their Preparations, Natural Cleaning Alternatives, or Essential Oils Intro. these classes are super fun! Contact me to set one up in your home or a public meeting place and bring a few friends to talk herbs and oils.

Thank you for reading to the end!

Most of all, thank you for any and all support you have ever extended to Shawnee Moon over the past few years, and thereby, to myself and my sweet husband Davy. We are eternally grateful for the opportunity to continue the legacy of Shawnee Moon and hope with all our hearts that it is a blessing to you and your family as we pray the Lord will continue to grow it throughout the years so we can continue to do what we do. Operate a small business out of passion for people and a desire to work for ourselves.

Most, if not all, of these tips can be applied to ANY small business!!

Not just Shawnee Moon! Look up your friends/family with small businesses and favorite hole-in-the-wall, mom-n-pop shop, places and share them on social media, leave 5 star reviews for them (note, if you are trying to support a business, please don’t leave anything less than 5 stars. Cause less than that doesn’t really help, realistically), buy their products, book their services, tell your friends about them. Every little bit helps!

Thank you again, loyal small shoppers! (oh, and share this blog post and comment below!) 😉

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