Client Testimonials

The following are some unsolicited comments from our clients.


“This is the BEST all natural website in the entire UNIVERSE !! I have been purchasing from Shawnee since 2005 and I love everything she makes. The sun dance for any owie, cuts scrapes, bruise; the kids stuff for children’s ouchies; the scarfree cream to make your scars from surgery and cuts go away….. ITS ALL FANTASTIC TOP QUALITY FIRST CLASS PRODUCTS !!! Love it Thanks Shawnee for coming into my life and making it a better place !! Many blessings !!!”

-Acaysha D., Arizona 

“I love Immunoboost from Shawnee Moon.”

-Shirley O., Missouri


“Victoria is a remarkable herbalist whom I have known since 2000. She was a prominent figure in my recovery from cancer. The consultations we had and the caring she demonstrated were invaluable to my recovery. During chemo, when the oncologist could not make me comfortable, Victoria prescribed Diarrest, Nausease and GI Juice with unbelievable positive results. My health changes and restoration of health has in great part been due to Victoria. I am presently on a maintenance of three tinctures. I use many of her other tinctures and ointments and attribute my good health and well being to Victoria and her alternative knowledge. We never hesitate to recommend Victoria and her tinctures to our friends. An added plus is the carefully wrapped and the prompt delivery of the product.”

-Nancy P., Florida


“I have been using Shawnee Moon products for over 10 years. I was first introduced to them via the Sport Massage Oil. I fell in love with it. It quietly warms up as you use it. I have never found anything else remotely close to it. Then I discovered that there were many more products. I used to be a smoker and it seems every winter I get a horrible case of pneumonia. It kept me down for a month. So when I explained this, I was offered Olive Leaf. It worked! I wasn’t just treating the symptoms – this actually made it go away. I’ve quit smoking in 1997 but every winter I start to get sick again. So I just get out the Olive Leaf and, like magic, in a few days I feel much better. I also learned that I’m a type 2 Diabetic. So I recently started taking Fenugreek about 30 minutes before eating. Although this is rather new, I think I’m feeling the effects already. I use the Black Cohash and numerous other products. What a gift these are to our health needs!”

-Kalen M., Director, Inside Dharma


“My family and I have been using Shawnee Moon for over ten years with a great success rate. We are never without a supply of Immunoboost, Olive Leaf, and Diarrest. These products have saved us numerous expensive trips to the doctor and have helped us stay healthier. The Sun Dance Unguent works better on healing cuts and rashes and preventing infection than any product I have ever used. With the guidance of herbalist, Victoria Fortner, I have been able to get off of antidepressants and avoid the many negative side-effects of pharmaceuticals. Using Shawnee Moon have made me healthier, happier, and more focused than ever before. I can not imagine my life without the use of these products.”

-Janice W., Missouri


A Unique Shawnee Moon Testimonial: “Hi. I’m Pita. I live to eat and nap frequently, and dutifully impede and annoy my beloved human, as only I can, at every possible opportunity when I’m not eating or napping.

Nine months ago, I became very ill. I was in such discomfort, pain and misery, I could only hunch in a dark corner. The vet said I had terminal mammary cancer which had metastasized to my esophagus and one lung, and sent me home with a nasty pain medication which my stomach couldn’t tolerate. The vet wanted to put me to sleep, but I told my human in no uncertain terms I wasn’t ready to give up and die.

In desperation, my human called Victoria to see if she knew of anything which could help ease my pain. Fearing the worst and hoping for the best , since I’m a 4 legged and not a 2 legged patient, Victoria immediately sent dosing instructions and a bottle of her MITOF tincture in hopes it would relieve my pain. It was my last resort hope. MITOF is a combination of all 3 anti-cancer formulas available from Shawnee Moon.

I quickly lap up the doses of MITOF 3 times a day, every day, mixed in with two crumbled treats and a little water to make a small amount of broth. I love getting 3 tasty special snacks that the other cats don’t. I’m such a high quality of life loving queen.

Within a week after starting the MITOF dosages, my pain noticeably lessened. As time passed, it disappeared completely. The hot, swollen, hard lumps around my rear mammary glands began to shrink quite a bit and soften. Now they feel like thin strands of string under my skin. The dark purple skin discoloration around my mammary glands changed back to a healthy pink and the area no longer felt hot to the touch. I’m beyond thrilled to be feeling and acting like my old sassy self again, enjoying an extremely high quality, pain free life.

I owe this stunning miracle to my beloved #1 Surrogate Mom Victoria, her incredible healing skills, love, and MITOF.

This recent photo of me (above) is the ultimate testimony to prove how well the MITOF has been working for me. Thank you for these extra blissful days of life you have gifted me, Victoria. I’ve been using them well.

Licks and purrs,

Your most devoted, grateful and thriving patient,”

-Pita, Devoted Patient


“I have used Shawnee Moon for over fifteen years and found the products amazing and particularly affective with my children with products ranging from Kids Stuff to Diarrest. Sun Dance Skin Unguent has been my first resort in many situations because it quickly heals serious cuts and abrasions without infection or discomfort. I take a variety of tinctures everyday to maintain my physical abilities and to enhance my mental clarity and focus so necessary for my job. I cannot imagine being without Shawnee Moon in my medicine cabinet or my travel valise.”

-Steve W.


“I cut my knee on the coral reef, while snorkeling in Hawaii. I used the Sundance ointment on the cut but the band-aid only covered part of the cut. The next morning I woke-up to find the portion covered with the ointment was nearly healed closed. The part without the ointment was red and swollen. Now I always travel with the Sundance or Kid Stuff ointment. Don’t leave home without it.”

-Terri F., Missouri


“My name is Larry and I live in S. Fla. I would like to tell you about a very positive experince I rencently had concerning a basal cell carcinoma I had cut ot of the side of my nose. It was over 7 mm. diameter. The depth was 2/3 the thickness of the nasal wall from the outside to the inside of my nose. After it was cut out……it took two tries to remove it all…..I was given two options by the dermetologist/surgeon. She would either make three equally spaced cuts from 1/2″ to 1″ long toward the edge of the hole and stitch up the three flaps. This was guaranteed to leave a scar similar to a cross section of a broadhead arrow. I’m not real vain about my looks, as Hollywood doesn’t even have my phone number, but I still opted for her second option. The second idea was to keep a bandage over it for a 6 week healing period. I told her not to worry about any antiseptic as I was sure I had a jar of the magical cure at home. I packed the open hole twice a day with Sundance unguent. I saw her one week later. It was progressing beyond her highest expectation and the hole had closed to half the size. She nearly freaked but would not admit any “non-conventional” medicine could possible heal something so crucial.. When I saw her in another week it was healed and closed to within a spot the size of a pencil lead. You could barely see there was ever a hole there. It took two weeks total using Victoria’s Sundance unguent when i was told by a highly respected dermetologist it would be 6 weeks. I guess it just goes to show you can’t believe everything you hear.

I would also like to give accolades to Victoria for the SF-2 which I use every time I get a cut or an abrasion. I have even used it with great success on fever blisters. The healing on even bad cuts is normally no longer than 3 days.

Another medicine I would really like to recommend…..and I hope you never have to use it…… her Hemorrhid. Around 2004 I had a serious case of bleeding hemorrhoids. Upon calling Victoria, and after a lengthy conversation, she recommended Hemmhorid. I used it for ONE…yes I said ONE application and I have NEVER had any indication of bleeding hemorrhoids since.

In closing I’d say if you have an ailment she more than likely has a formula for it. One thing I know for sure is if she can help you she will assess the problem and make a recommendation. If she does not think she can help you she will tell you she cannot help. She is honest, knowledgeable and professional in her diagnosis’ and definitely will not recommend a product just to make a sale. She is not your local drug store/pharmacy…..thanks God for that……..and I can promise you once you try her products you will no longer be making trips to your pharmacy. May we all be blessed and healthy.”


-Larry W., 61 years old, South Florida


“Our family has been using Shawnee Moon products for years. Whether it’s been a stubborn cough (Cough Syrup), a scraped knee (Kid Stuff), or trouble sleeping (Kava Kava), Victoria’s items have brought needed relief. We were fortunate to have Sun Dance when my husband got a severe on-the-job cut on his hand, and I am getting help from Menapease and Women’s Tonic as I go through the troubles and tribulations of menopause.

Thank you Victoria,”

-Sue T., Collinsville, IL