Recently I posted about our new switch to organic shortening, and upgrading to bees wax instead of parafin wax. This is all in an effort to continue producing a quality and effective product for our loyal clients and new customers. And I could have made the switch and not told you, but you deserve to know. As a consumer, I appreciate every effort my favorite brands make in the direction of whole, pure, clean, and natural products. I am continually saddened when companies disguise ingredients with hard-to-pronounce chemical names and leave me more confused then I was before.

With this in mind, in the future, you will begin to see more transparency on the Shawnee Moon labels. One label and product at a time, in addition to the required records and cataloging of each and every ingredient that goes into each and every product made here at the Lab, I will be recording what ingredients are certified organic and what ingredients are sourced from sustainable wild crafting sources or what is farmed conscientiously. There will be asterisks beside each ingredient that will have notes at the bottom of the list as to their origin.

ointment back label

This may be a slower process than I’m hoping, but every step in the right direction is a good step, right? Be on the look out for more and more transparency in the future. I am excited to share my knowledge, and experience with you, as well as these time tested herbal supplements.

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