Welcome to shawnee moon – New and Improved

kerry brock

Welcome to shawnee moon – New and Improved

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Hello, and welcome to the new and improved Shawnee Moon website!

This year all my friends are getting married and having babies. I’m over here rebranding my business*. (and with lots of help from my awesome web designer, we have completely revamped the website).

It’s been months, if not years, of planning, thinking, discussing and planning some more. Note taking and polling people like you (my friends and customers!) and more note taking.

We’ve come up with a site that I am very excited and nervous to show off.

Excited, because I’m very proud of how well it turned out. It is practical, functional, has more resources for visitors and more space for me to be creative. I’m excited to see how you think it looks and if it is simple and understandable to navigate and use.

I’m nervous because it’s much more personal. The branding is so me and comfortable, but there is part of me that is nervous about being so honest, I guess. I’m no longer hiding behind verbiage like, “We here at Shawnee Moon… blah blah blah” … Like I’m some big corporation. I’m just me. A mid-western girl, married to her best friend, watching plants grow and making tinctures. All while attempting to follow God’s will and share the love of Christ with anyone along the way.

I look forward to your reaction to the changes and your thoughts on if the site is easier to navigate or not. I hope you find the extra information and content useful.

Some new things I’m excited to show off:

  • Herb Classes – My online zoom classes are all organized neatly on this page. You can see the topics and the next scheduled date for each topic. When you click on each one for more information you can register by “adding to cart” and checking out like an order. If it is a free class no CC information will be needed. Once you register (complete check out) for the class (or classes) of your choice, you will receive an email with the zoom call link and details of when to tune in live.
  • Ask The Herbalist – This was a fun page to create. I get many questions and I wanted a dedicated page to send people to when they had questions, no matter how big or small! This is the page to submit your questions! Check it out, it’s a fun little form! I’m so grateful for Robert (my web designer) making this form functional and pretty.
  • Blog – I always had a blog on the previous website, but I knew I wanted it to be a bigger feature with the redo. The layout is so much more pleasing now, and I am hoping to continue writing many blog posts on all kinds of topics, so be sure to subscribe to my email list to be notified when I post a new one.
  • Essential Oils – Who doesn’t love essential oils? I do! And I’m sharing more info on them on this page. A place to get started whether you are new to oils or not.
  • Shop – I am so happy with how the shop page turned out! The categories were simple enough to create, but we had to reorganize each product page into the correct categories and then getting them to display correctly was another thing altogether. Again, Robert got it all straightened out and now you can not only shop products by body system, but also by product type, or view all products in one page.
  • Members Content – When you login to the website with your free account, you will get to see Members Content! This will continue to grow as I create more Members Content and upload it to this section. I’m all ears to what kinds of content you might like to see in this space. But I also have some ideas in the works, so check back!
  • Featured Products and Reviews – On the home page I’m happy to feature popular products and customers reviews! I am so grateful to each of you who have taken the time to leave a 5 star review on your favorite products!! You don’t even know how much it encourages me personally to see that you are finding Shawnee Moon products useful, and also how much it helps my website and business. I know I rely on product reviews online, especially when ordering from a site I never have before. Your reviews are invaluable for me to earn the trust of new customers. Thank you!


In addition to these features and resources, I’m very proud to say that about 80% or more of the photos you see on the site I took myself! (even most of the pictures of me!) I’m so pleased with the quality of plant photos I’ve been able to achieve. Years of practice, patience and a memory card full of thousands of crumby photos, but I have a handful I’m quite pleased with.

Huge thanks

I could never have accomplished this monumental task without my husband Davy and all his patient listening while I mulled over details again and again with ideas and questions and ‘what ifs’ for months on end. For being willing to be right there doing anything and everything that needed to be done to help progress this project. Thank you, Davy!

I also have endless thanks to Bobby (Robert Brock, of Brock Creative Projects), my brother-in-law, who did all the technical work to make my website not only function perfectly (with all my weird requests), but also to look fantastic too! He finally got rid of that 90’s side-bar and has streamlined so many things to make everything work so great. He was always so very attentive to all the little details that I was being picky about and fixed everything better than I could have hoped for. Thanks, Bobby!

Thank you to my Mom and Dad, and my best friends, Morgan and Jess, who were so helpful when I needed proof-readers/critiques in the pre-lauch phase of the site. I’m so thankful for your time checking out every page and giving honest feedback and finding goofs before we launched this thing for the rest of the world.

Thank YOU, dear reader, for being here and witnessing this little corner of the internet. I wouldn’t have a job doing exactly what I love to do if not for you coming here, clicking on my posts, liking, ordering, reviewing, reading, watching, sharing. I will never be able to thank each of you enough for allowing me space in your lives.

Blessings in Christ,


*I make this comparison not in anyway to diminish the excitement or significance to the marriages and pregnancies I’ve rejoiced in with family and friends this year. On the contrary. I make the comparison in part to be funny, but in another part to convey my personal excitement and preparation that went into this project. Like a wedding, it has taken months of planning and prep and consulting and advice and organizing to get all the wrinkles ironed out and get things to a point where it’s ready for the big day (in this case, launching the site). (Is it as valuable and significant as the eternal impact of a marriage? Hardly.) Like a pregnancy, this idea has been growing and being nurtured and in the final production of the thing a lot of laboring has gone into it. (Is it as beautiful a miracle of a child growing in a mother’s womb? Or have the eternal significance of creating a human soul? Not even close). All that to say, the project is a big deal and I’ve put a lot of effort into it to attempt to keep my focus on providing a source for encouragement and information that is both useful and hopefully bringing some kind of eternal value to those to happen upon it. To point people to the True source of Healing only found in Jesus Christ, the Holy Son of God.

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