Young Living Diffuser Comparison

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Young Living Diffuser Comparison

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Have you ever wondered what the differences of Young Living Diffusers are compared to the amazon/walmart varieties? Keep reading, or watch me stutter on my facebook live video here. 

Young Living diffusers are made out of medical grade plastics. Essential oil’s organic molecular structure, does not mesh well with plastic, especially low-grade, flexible plastic, and especially citrus oils. Even some carrier oils can be hard on some synthetic substances, (like jojoba oil and latex). Young living diffusers are made from high quality heavy/hard plastics that last.

Young Living provides a 1 year guarantee for any mishaps for all of their diffuser styles!

Young Living’s diffusers are cool mist. If you are going to get a diffuser, make sure it’s cool mist. If you are using high quality, pure oils that provide therapeutic benefits you DO NOT want to use an oil warmer! Oil warmers are for ‘fragrance’ oils. Synthetic oils that are not providing any therapeutic action (and might actually be harmful!). :Sidenote: Don’t use oils that have a warning label on the back that says “WARNING: TOPICAL IRRITANT. FLAMMABLE” DON’T be using these oils as if they are healthy for you, cause they’re not, K? PSA over.
So, why not warm my pure, therapeutic oils? Because, you’ll lose all the therapeutic value when you heat it. It’s not gonna harm you, but if you spending good money for your good oils, you want them to be the most effective as you can. So don’t warm them.
Essential oils are distilled from FRESH plants. So that oil is still living when you get it in your bottle. If you ‘heat’ it, your essentially cooking it, like broccoli. I like cooked broccoli as much as the next person, but I know that it has more nutritional value if I were to eat it raw.

Young Living uses ultrasonic technology to break up any mixture of essential oils and water into millions of microparticles to disperse them into the air, thereby releasing the therapeutic constituents found in quality, pure oils.

Any questions? What is your experience with oils and diffusers? Comment below so we can learn from you! Thanks for reading!

Want your own, quality, lasting Young Living diffuser with a introductory kit of oils? Pick the kit right for you here!

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