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Our products are wildcrafted, organically cultivated, carefully
prepared by the phase of the moon and come in easy to use forms.

Apple pie and other thoughts

Apple pie and other thoughts

My husband celebrated another year on this earth last week. What a blessing he is to me. So I baked him a pie. T'was my first attempt at a basket weave top, I have to say, I am quite pleased with how it turned out. The house still smells of the lingering sweetness of...

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Kerry Brock

Kerry Brock


Kerry Brock, Certified Herbalist, was home schooled since second grade. As a girl, her family began learning about nutrition and alternative health. She watched her Mom pour over herb books and articles and search the library for more ways to use the plants that God has provided for our families wellness… Read More


Victoria Fortner

Victoria Fortner


Victoria G. Fortner, RH (AHG) (PeatohahNape Tamsah) (1954 – 2014) of Shawnee and Scot /Irish descent, was trained in allopathic and Traditional Indigenous medicine. She worked in the American medical field for 15 years. Ms. Fortner had been practicing herbal medicine since 1972 and was: The founder of Shawnee Moon. Served on the board of the American Herbalist Guild, Inside Dharma, Living Insights and Earth Circle… Read More



Tincture? What's That?

TINCTURE. This is a word you will be noticing a lot when you browse Shawnee Moon products and our blog posts, because that is the primary product that I make and sell here at Shawnee Moon. So, What IS a tincture, anyway?! Keep reading to find out!… Read More

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