Meet: Brittney Brown, Owner/Herbalist of Wildly 207, LLC

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Meet: Brittney Brown, Owner/Herbalist of Wildly 207, LLC

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This week I want to introduce you to herbalist, Brittney Brown. I’ve followed her for a couple years online and love the energy she puts into her work and life. She goes the extra mile to ensure the ingredients in her products are produced sustainably and are the highest quality.

I had no idea how she got into herbalism until I asked her to share her story here with you. Wow! What a powerful testimony to the healing power of God’s wonderful plants! (Gen. 1:29) She has a dramatic journey through illness to wholeness that you will want to read.

Make sure to check out her products on her Etsy shop at: Wildly207. You can also follow her on Facebook, Instagram or reach out to her via email.

Now, here is Brittney;

Hi there. My name is Brittney Brown, and I am the owner and herbalist of Wildly 207, LLC. A  commercially licensed, woman owned, small batch, hand-crafted herbal goods business. I am currently enrolled in Heart of Herbs School in their Certified Herbalist program. I live in the beautiful foothills of Western Maine with my husband and love of my life for the last twenty years, our three wonderful teenage children, and our beloved dogs.

My herbal business was created five years ago, but I’ve been studying and creating herbal remedies for myself, friends, and family for quite a few years now. Healing and how the body works has always fascinated me. I worked in our small, rural hospital for several years, as well as our local nursing home. Unfortunately my nursing career was halted to an end when I was diagnosed in 2011 with a few autoimmune diseases, one of which is Ankylosing Spondylitis, an incurable autoimmune disease that makes your immune system attack your whole body, primarily affecting the spinal cord, but also your other organs. It causes widespread inflammation, chronic, severe pain, and possible fusion of the neck, spine, ribs, and hips.

I was in endless pain, day and night. I was put on low dose chemotherapy treatments to try and slow down the progression of my disease. The medications and side effects were awful! I was eventually up to 23 pharmaceuticals, including muscle relaxers and opiates trying to control my constant spasms and pain. I was so lost and hopeless. I was mainly bedridden or used a cane to get around. I ended up in the emergency room with a temporarily paralyzed GI system from all the medications I was taking. I knew I needed to make some serious changes!

 In 2014, I began trying to take back my life from the pharmaceutical industry. I spent a lot of time researching how to manage my symptoms naturally, experimenting with different plants around me, and working with a local herbalist, Naomi Kilbreth. I weaned off all pharmaceuticals. I learned to manage my autoimmune diseases holistically. I saw what a dramatic change this had on my own health and life, so that’s where this fiery passion for helping others stems from! I want to see YOU break free from the hamster wheel and learn to trust yourself.

Trust yourself.

YOU are made for healing and feeling whole! Our bodies are capable of so much more than we give them credit for. God designed us perfectly! I have poured my heart, soul, and energy into this business, ideas, and my products to HELP YOU!

I love that I can make a few dollars to help my family pay the bills, buy groceries, pay for my daughter’s books for college, BUT at the end of the day, I do this for YOU! I want to help you feel better naturally. I want to see you take back your life and truly live again! There’s freedom in health.

That’s why I create all natural self care and herbal wellness products for those looking for an alternative to using harsh chemicals. Here at Wildly 207, I always choose the highest quality herbs and essential oils I can find for my herbal products. Organic, ethically wildcrafted, grown in my own pesticide free gardens, or sourced local as much as possible. I work closely with several small local farms on collaborations.

My product line is always expanding. I have a Wildly 207 loose leaf tea line that can be found in several shops throughout Maine, as well as in my Etsy shop. I offer a variety of assorted salves and balms, my most popular being my All Purpose Dandelion Salve. It’s great for anything skin related! Brown tail moth rash, eczema, psoriasis, sunburns, bug bites, tattoo aftercare and more. Elderberry Syrup DIY Kits for immune support, Chaga Mushroom DIY tea kits, herbal Epsom salt bath soaks, essential oil roller blends, room and linen sprays, herbal tinctures, glycerites, and more.

I had a customer recently ask what a tincture was, so I thought I would briefly explain for those who aren’t familiar. Tinctures are liquid extracts made from herbs. Tinctures are extracted in alcohol (I often use vodka) and these have a much longer shelf life. There are also non-alcoholic extract options known as glycerites (I use food grade, non GMO, vegetable glycerin). Glycerin is a mild, sweet taste with a syrup-like consistency. These make for a popular option since it helps cut the bitter taste that tinctures often have. You can also make extracts with vinegar.

Tinctures and glycerites are easy and convenient to use. They only require a small dose, so this is often the most effective and medicinally potent approach. Tinctures are generally considered safe for pregnant women and children because the dose is so small, but I always encourage you to speak with your healthcare provider before using any herbal supplements. I suggest diluting your tincture in a beverage of choice water, juice, tea, etc. With glycerites they often taste sweet and can be taken directly as is which makes them a popular choice!

Most tinctures and glycerites are effective almost immediately, but others may take some time to build up in your system, so consistency is key!

If you’re interested in learning more about my herbal wellness products and how they may benefit you or your loved ones you can follow along with my business on Facebook, Instagram, Check out my products and read reviews in my Etsy Shop.

Be Well and Blessings,
Brittney Brown #207herbalist
Facebook @Wildly 207, LLC
Instagram @wildly_207

I am in no way monetizing from sharing info about Brittney, her and my own opinions are our own. There is no pressure or obligation for you to utilize her products/services.

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