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Demulcent vs. Emollient – How they are similar yet different. in Sixty Seconds

Demulcents and emollients are unique medical properties, but they are similar in some ways. In my sixty second snippet today I’m talking briefly about how …

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New Class Schedule

I just updated the class schedule! Finally! I know many of you have been asking about them, and I have just gotten round to setting …

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What is an Alterative? In Sixty Seconds

Alteratives are plants, herbs or medicines that purify the blood, eliminates wastes from the entire body, and help the organs to assimilate nutrients. An alterative …

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KS Allerease

“I wanted to wait until we had used it a while before reviewing the KS Allerease. The autumn is the worst time of year for allergies in my family because 3 of us are affected by it. When I purchased this, my husband & 12 year old son were having allergy issues. Within 36 hours, their symptoms were gone!”

– @fcorin13

KS Allerease

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