Elderberry: Expect Delays

kerry brock

Elderberry: Expect Delays

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The Elderberry demand is for real! Expect delays on Elderberry Tincture as I attempt to keep up with this darling’s new popularity <3


All orders are being filled in the order they’ve been received. By placing your order now, I will put you next in line when new stock becomes available!

And remember, all month (March 2020), all orders totaling $50+ before tax/ship ship for free with the code: FREESHIP50

And every order gets a free lip balm.

(this applies even if there are back ordered items in your order. As soon as items become available they will be shipped free of charge).


As health stores and herbal supplement providers continue to go out of stock on Elderberry products with this increase in demand, here are some of Shawnee Moon’s tinctures that you can look into as alternative support for your immune system.

Products containing elderberries currently (3/10/2020) in stock:
Eld-O-Leaf (elderberries and olive leaf)
Olive Leaf Plus (My personal favorite elderberry tincture!)
Products without elderberries that support immune function currently (3/10/2020) in stock:
Immunoboost (Best seller… before Elderberry became the fad!)
Maskekiwapwe (similar to Essiac tea formula)

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All orders placed on or after 9/18 will be processed after 9/28. Thank you for your patience and understanding.