Hello, Friends

kerry brock

Hello, Friends

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Just a small update post from your friendly, neighborhood herbalist! I pray you are well this summer.

It has been a great and busy summer for us so far. Just wanted to reach out and let you know I’m still here, still taking your orders and keeping up with creating all the herbal goodies you know and love.

This spring, Davy helped me install a deer fence around my garden, and boy has it made a world of difference! I have the most productive and beautiful garden that I have had in all our years of marriage (which will be 8 years this Nov!).

We were able to order a deer netting from walmart. They were about $18 for 7′ x 100′ and we got 2 of them. We got 1″ x 2″ x 8′ boards and cut one end with a sharp angle and Davy hammered each one in like a tall stake and that’s what we used for fence posts. We needed 12 all together, and we utilized one tree and the post of our front porch as well. You can barely even see the fence, as the mesh is black and very fine. We simply zip-tied the netting to the posts.

The fence surrounds the front and side yard, where most of my raised beds and flower gardens are anyways. I have put up small chicken wire fences around other plantings around back and that has deterred the deer enough so far.

If you were following my elderberry cutting experiments from this winter/spring you may be interested to know I ended up with over 50 healthy elderberry plants (out of at least 200 cuttings). I took them to festivals and sold most of them, and what I didn’t plant into my personal patch I was able to sell to a local nursery for wholesale and they were reselling them. It was such a fun experiment! And while I don’t plan on doing quite that many, I do hope to take some more cuttings next January as it is a wonderful winter project when I can’t get into the garden quite yet.

Davy and I have gotten very busy making our Minecraft games! Who new I would end up being a professional gamer! (Not me!) But we make a great team and we absolutely LOVE working from home TOGETHER. Check out all the projects we’ve released on our website: kiwistarsmc.com

Other than that, we are very active in our church and summer is always busy with playing music for our local camps (boys and girls weeks out at Bates Creek Baptist Camp), and VBS (Vacation Bible School) is just around the corner (July 18-22).

But mostly we spend our days working from home, pottering in the garden and praising God ‘who daily loadeth us with benefits.’ Psalm 68:19 I pray you are blessed this summer and content in the everlasting arms of our Savior who knows our every need.


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