Herb Talk Tuesday – Eyebright – Why & How to use

kerry brock

Herb Talk Tuesday – Eyebright – Why & How to use

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why and how to use eyebright

The happiest day of the week for me now is Tuesday! Cause that’s when we chat about herbs, right here in this weekly post called ‘Herb Talk Tuesday’. It’s a new series that has been running for a few weeks now. Are you enjoying it so far? I hope so! Today we are discussing the uses and benefits of eyebright.

Where and how to find Eyebright

Considered ‘semi-parasitic’ on other plants and grasses (this just means it derives/leaches some of its nutrients from surrounding plants), Eyebright is a small, alpine or sub-alpine loving plant.

It is an adorable little plant with small blooms that vary from blue/white to purple to some having a yellow dot on the lower petal. Due to it’s ‘hybridizing’ nature, along with it’s tendency to be parasitic, there are hundreds of Euphrasia variations.

Native of Europe and Norther/Western Asia as well as North America, it seems to prefer cooler climates.

Useful constituents

Eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis/Euphrasia rostkoviana), has been found to contain many useful nutrients. Nutrients such as: Vitamins B3, B5, B12, C, A, E, and D, beta-carotene, alkaloids antioxidents (such as caffic acids also found in propolis {bee pollen})ferulic, flavonoids, clycosides, tannins, and volatile oil.

The plethora of vitamins and the beta-carotene content give away the reason for this little herb’s common name of Eyebright. Just like the beta-carotene found in carrots, the eyebright beta-carotene is great for promoting healthy eyes and normal, clear vision.

How is Eyebright typically used?

Eyebright, as the word suggest is most known and used to promote healthy eyes and vision, internally and externally. Traditionally, a warm compress of eyebright tea would be used to clear and support happy, bright eyes. Seasonally, it helps keep the eyes clear and hopefully tear-free, while calming occasional redness.

It is considered cooling and cleansing, stimulating the liver to clear and rejuvenate it and help the liver do all it was designed to do.

Eyebright is supportive of the respiratory system. It is cleansing and drying to the whole system from nose to eyes to lungs and bronchial.

The herb can be useful in a tea or a tincture. Not so often found in ointments or salves, but some notes suggest useful for skin health, but I wonder if that is not because it supports liver health internally.

Utilize Eyebright for your health

Add a cup of eyebright tea to your daily routine to bump your vitamin and beta-carotene intake!

Enjoy its cooling, cleansing and detoxing support in warm or cool compresses for the eyes and skin. (combines well with goldenseal or fennel for external eye support).

Utilize in a tincture for consistent support of normal healthy vision, occasional seasonal discomfort or in conjunction with other herbs as a bronchial and liver tonic.

Join the conversation

Comment below and let me know what I left out about Eyebright! How do you use this lovely little plant? Do you have some growing near you that you could take a picture and share with us on FB? Head over to the FB page or our FB group and share your photos and experiences there.

Thank you for stopping by today! Hope you found this useful.

Blessings in Christ, Kerry

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